Age 6

Elizabeth's Photo Page 3!


Me and Dad at my benefit

Let's party

Checking everything out


Taking a rest

Do you like my dress??

Nina you snuck another picture!

My Grandpa Aaron. I just met him. I think he is cool I told Mom and Nina

My aunt I never met before . Her name is Audrey.

We made home made sugar cookies. We cut out stars...

and sprinkled pretty spring colored sugar on too.

We did not have any Easter cut outs but that was okay we had a blast.

You want me to do what???

Don't you love it...

Out for a walk

Looking too cool

I'm such a little lady

I'm a princess with an attitude

Princess Aubrey needs 2 crowns

Aubrey is so beautiful

Avery watching us

This is my new friend Sophia

isn't she so beautiful

Holding Avery's hand

Avery, Aubrey's sister

Aubrey, me, Avery and big Avery

Aubrey, Avery, and me

Princess Avery

We love you Avery

Us girls hanging out with Sophia