Age 6

Elizabeth's Photo Page 4!


Cousin Reed is ready to graduate

Reed and his friend goofing off

With Rachel at her 8th grade graduation

At Reed and Rachel's party

Mommy & I are ready to party

Mirror, mirror in my hand....

Oooohhhh nooooo....I got caught making  faces


California, here I come

My new purple bag

My new friend Lily

Laurie and I hanging out

Telling Dr. Schroth happy birthday

My camp buddy, Roman


My California friend, Hayden

My Princess make-up

Look at Veronica's flower crown


Having fun at the FSMA Carnival

The Anderson Family

Roman loves cotton candy too

....just like me

More carnival games

Going bowling for prizes

Posing with Colleen

Making new friends

Hanging out in the hot tub

Happy Birthday to my doctor, happy birthday to you

Hayden's grandpa Mark