Age 7

Elizabeth's Photo Page 2!


My ornament from SMA Kids

I'm Princess Claus and I'm a shining star

Let's party

Look at all the germs...I mean kids

The kids are far away

I love chicken & fries

Love my tree

Sitting with mom, enjoying the party

Getting my present from the Claus'

What'd I get?

How'd he know that I like Barbies?

and I got a snowflake too

Making cookies

Making masterpieces ... pink, of course

I know, I know....don't eat, we are decorating

A letter from Santa and I made his Nice List

My presents from a friend in California

Corbyn wants my presents
but I still love him

Kitty Lizzy

My new memory foam mattress for my Max from Hayden's g-ma


Larkie Lu -Sophia's Cure Boutique Bow

Love it

Our Star Struck Lizzy with Kimberly Perry , Neil Perry and Reid Perry. Neil kissed her on her cheek!!

Thank you uncle Calib, The Crystal Palace and The Band Perry for making Lizzy's day the best ever!!

Can you believe we met them??

Lizzy and her friend Kayleigh with their t-shirts Kimberly Perry gave them. They are so excited!!

Kayleigh. Linda (Kayleigh's Grandma), Lizzy and Christen