Elizabeth's Photos Page 2!


Elizabeth getting ready for her benefit 9/5/2004


Elizabeth and Poonam at PT


Sofia (14 months) and her Mommy in Madison, WI


Nolan Shofner (18 months) and Elizabeth checking each other out (9/8/2004)




Elizabeth's Benefit and people outside waiting to get in.


Jane Wright (Elizabeth's former PT), Elizabeth and Mommy Christen at the benefit.



Christen, Elizabeth, Andrea and Sofia at Ronald McDonald House in Madison, WI


Elizabeth on her way to see Dr. Hough.  She is sick and still smiling!!

9/29/2004 Elizabeth is 1 today!!!!  :)


Elizabeth looking at all the birthday e-cards


Elizabeth holding the balloons (for safe keeping) for her and cousin Robbie's family birthday party 10/03/2004



She has the only thing to keep her quiet her spoons to help her teeth
She has eye teeth and one bottom tooth coming in.




Elizabeth in her fairy costume for Halloween



Holly is meeting Elizabeth for the first time here. She will be working with Elizabeth for her pt when Poonam can not.  10/25/04