Elizabeth's Photos Page 3!


This is so  funny...She has a wig on and a crown and she is sitting in her new kid kart. The kid kart is not going to work. She can not sit in it for very long fully reclined with out problems. So they have to order parts and get approval. So it will be awhile before she will be able to use it.


Here was the first time Elizabeth got to sit in our new kid kart.


Elizabeth and her cousins Trafton and Garrett


Elizabeth and cousin Jennifer 10/31/2004


Elizabeth and cousin Caitlyn 10/31/2004



Elizabeth hanging out a home. Watching her movies.


Elizabeth and her father Brandon


I got this sent to me from the play group Health Nurse Jill. It was at the Halloween Party


Elizabeth and Caitlyn at the Halloween party


Mommy and Me at the Halloween Party


Elizabeth and I lit a candle for Cole. God bless you little Cole!! May you be at peace and running with the angels!!

Elizabeth with a new toy Jeaneen (a good friend from Kansas) brought Elizabeth over today. Thanks Jeaneen!!! .


Elizabeth is talking to the snowman that Jeaneen gave her.


Elizabeth is talking to the snowman that Jeaneen gave her.


Elizabeth on her way to Great Grandma Barb's for Thanks-giving.  (We want to show all the relatives how great I am doing!!)


Elizabeth and her Papa!! He says: He uses" Papa Magic" to make Elizabeth well when she is sick.


Elizabeth is feeling better after being sick all week-end 11/29/04


Elizabeth touching our Christmas tree 12/5/2004 (She is the only child I have ever allowed to touch our tree unless they  were helping decorating).


Elizabeth and I lit a candle for all The SMA Angels that have passed.


Elizabeth is feeling better I finally get to cut down her treatments. She has had a cold. This wonderful IL weather!


Elizabeth doing more on her own!


Elizabeth holding the puzzle piece (with nob on top) without help holding her arm. 12/16/2004


Elizabeth and her favorite toy


Elizabeth and her Doodle Pro.  Is this not just amazing or what!! I am so proud   of her!! No help either as you can see!!