3 Year Pictures
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Walking inside this tree

Having fun in California

Look at all the upside down jellyfish

Checking everything out

In front of the fish tank with Jen

Huge Shark teeth and jaw

Look at me on the boat

Leaving the marina

The sea lions bidding us adieu

Snuggled up to stay warm

It was such a gray day

A humpback whale tail

Look how close we were to the whale

Look at the dolphins

Heading back to land

A big sailboat

Look at them getting my chair off the boat

My new buddies

Leaving Old Fisherman's Wharf in
Monterrey Bay

John Steinbeck Pavilion at
Cannery Row

SMA Candle Lighting 2009

Remembering all of my angel friends

My hotel set up - sleeping on my crib mattress on a desk beside mommy's bed

Pretty cloud horse in Louisville downtown