3 Year Pictures
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Louisville Slugger Museum...See how small I am?

Mommy's little man

Holding Mickey Mantle's bat

Joe DiMaggio

Me and lifesized Babe Ruth... Mommy thought he'd be bigger

Me and Ken Griffey Jr.

First day of school

Circle time at school

Can we go yet? I want to drive!

Good Morning! I'm ready for the day!!!

Doing some work on the computer with my eyes

In my new stander

Making my tubie food -- Mommy says I am a great helper

My pumpkin


Making the pumpkin just right, with some help from Mommy

Ewww, it's gooey

Me & Mellie

Checking out the gooey insides and seeds

Mommy, Scarlett, Me, our pumpkin, and Mellie

Scarlett helping me get messy

Just handsome me - October 2009

Argh! 'Tis I, pirate Jake
Halloween 2009

Ready to set sail on a voyage for candy for Mommy & nurse Michelle's tummies