Welcome to my Television News page!!!


I have been lucky enough to live in an amazing community, filled with wonderful people that care so much about me.  My mom was scared and had no idea what to do when I was first diagnosed with SMA.  She went to our local paper to ask for others with children with SMA to help her know what to do and how to help me.  Once the television station in Peterborough heard of my story they wanted to do a clip on us too, as no one in my city has ever dealt with SMA before me. 

After my first television appearance the Chex news station got many many calls and emails and letters about me.  So they now do almost monthly updates to keep people informed about my journey, struggles and successes.  We are very blessed to have so many people wanting to know how I am doing.  My sister and I feel like mini celebrities in our town.  Chex has helped people keep updated and informed about me. They have helped with our fundraisers, asked for prayers, and educated more people about SMA.  My mom and her whole family are happy to have the support from our local news station. 


These take awhile to load so please be patient. I found that I had to play them a second time to get it to play properly!  Also they taped in Black and white for some reason???  Sorry about that I couldnt get it to tape in color.  Thanks for watching.


Chex News clip 1 2:52

This is clips 2 and 3 really short ones.  After our trip to NJ

Clip 4 Shannon talking about fundraiser

Clip 5 about Mar 6 fundraiser (they made error saying his surgery was to fix swallow)

Clip 6 Shannon talking about Jacobs surgery.

Clip 7 home from surgery new clips of Jacob and machines

Clip 8 at home Jacob on pappy (requesting help for stroller)

 Clip 9 July 11th prayer day for Jacob

Clip 10 Jessie and Debbie Garrett Country Gospel Group

Clip 11 Aug 5 Gospel concert

Clip 12 Sin City fundraiser

Clip 13 Jacobs 1 year birthday clip!!!

Clip 14 Jacobs birthday party at Rock Haven

Clip 15 Christmas clip at home!!!

Clip 16 Jacob flew home to heaven to be in God's arms