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Here you will find the many newspaper clippings that I have been in.  Our local Newspaper, Peterborough Examiner, has kept up with me ever since our first article on January 11th, 2003.  My mom was given my diagnosis on January 9th and did not know what to do.  Then she found out about Dr Bach, www.doctorbach.com through www.smasupport.com .  She really wanted to take me to see him and through the help of the Examiner that was able to happen.  They have come to do articles on my regularly.  Even if I was in the hospital they would even phone the hospital and get the interview over the phone! 

Our papers involvement has helped my mom spread the word about things I needed.  Because of the help of our paper I was able to see Dr. Bach.  Mom was able to learn how to help me live a better, longer life with more quality.  I was able to get the stroller that lets me get out and about and see the things I love to see, and go for walks.  She has been able to raise funds to be able to get the life saving equipment that is not covered by our OHIP. 

A HUGE thank you goes out to our local Peterborough Examiner.  Thank you for all your hard work and involvement.  You have helped my mom give me a better life.  And have helped people keep updated with me and informed with SMA.  Spreading the word about the #1 genetic killer of all infants that no one has heard of is the most important thing.  Raising awareness brings us that much closer to a cure.

Thank you...
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Jan 11th News article part 1.  Two days after Jacobs diagnosis. 



Here is Part 2 from this article

Here is the second one... Gotta get the date of this one?




And here is the one from our trip to Jersey to see Dr. Bach

This article was written on Feb 2, 04 After our trip also!


Feb 26, we were in Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children


This was March 7th just after Jacob fundraiser that Shannon and Jenn Goheen my cousin put together


This article was taken over the phone from the hospital.  They just used an old picture. 





Here is the articles just after we got home from the hosptial


This was when Jacob took a real bad turn for the worse and the doctors only gave him 6 months to live.  Our community had a National Prayer Day for Jacob on July 11th

This article is when Debbie and Jessie Garrett the country Gospel duo wanted to do a concert for Jacob.  They wanted to help raise money to get his wheelchair stroller


This is Jessie and Debbie


This is two articles on August 3, 4th and a magnet from the fundraiser, everyone got one

Again about the fundraiser


This is a News article about the fundraiser our local bar Sin City wanted to do for Jacob.  They arranged everything for it.  All the advertising and everything.  I am so thankful for them.  They have helped so much.


This was just amazing.  The BIGGEST fundraiser ever Sin City had ever done.  They raised more for Jacob then ever imagined.  Unbelievable.  I will forever be grateful to them. 


This was just after we got home from the hospital after Jacob was intubated on Nov 18th.  We almost lost him but through many many prayers he came home happy and healthy, proving again to the doctors that he is a fighter and will make it!