Welcome to Jacobs video clips!

Please take a few minutes to watch some videos of my angel 'Baby Bear'

They might take long to load, so sorry about that.  I'm trying to keep the length of the videos to under 2 minutes each so that it doesn't take too much time loading. 

Once loaded to your computer you may have to play the video a second time...sometimes the voice and picture freezes as it tries to play quicker then it loads.  I found that pulling the sliding bar back a few times throughout the video helped it not be fuzzy or freeze.  Then it played perfectly. 

Enjoy!!!!  And keep checking back as Ill try to upload more every once in awhile.  Please let me know how you like them and if you would like to see more. 
Thank you!



Please remember to load these videos and play them a second time to get them to play without freezing!!!
Thank you!!!

Jacob March 11/05 after his g, g-j tube surgery.  He used to be able to say baba for balloon

Click here to see Jacob in a 1
minute video on May 16/04
, 0:58

Same day but a longer video
with Jacob laughing, 3:26


Tubby time!  May 04 Playing
in the tub and talking away, 1:25


Playing with balloon May 9, 1:19


Playing with Alyssa sticking tongue out June 13, 1:32


Brushing his teeth May 04, 1:28

Blowing kisses in tub Aug 5/04 100s of kisses!!! 1:16

Jacob outside July 04, 1:18