Age 1
Page 14


Playing on my laptop!

Playing with Elmo


I love Mommy snuggles!

Can we play?

Found a peanut, found a peanut, I'm laying on a peanut!

Yummy lollipop!

Handsome, aren't I?


Little GQ

Look at me in my new hoodie


Look at my new shoes, very stylish

Yep, I'm adorable

Little stud


Making a snowball

Mmmm tasty snow!

I love snow

My bucket of of snow

Check out my baby snowman

It's cold!

Yummy fingers

Tummy time is fun

Luv from me

Look at me, I'm standing

Can I get down now??

Happy Valentine's Day!

I'm standing up!

My Mommy Rocks

Why do you do this to me?  Bananas? Really?

Will you be my Valentine?

Kiss Me

Look at me!

This isn't so bad

Anderson Love

Love us!

I love my Mommy


I'm sitting up

Hip Huggers
Yes, they are pink...

Join Us At the Walk
Click Here!

Exercising in Pink

Will you walk because I can't?


Aren't I Cute?