Age 1
Page 15 - The Circus


Welcome to the Greatest Show on the Earth:The Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus

This sun is bright on our mystery ride

Where are we going?


Wonder what is here

We are at the circus

Alley is waiting too

Look at all the people

Oh my, Look how tall he is

My new girlfriend


We are at center ring...wait,
are WE the circus


Clowns with an attitude

Let the fun begin

Here come the elephants

Watching the circus

Look at the elephants

Look at the ponies

A punk clown

Just waiting around

The elephant with the flag

Wow, look at them

Alley has a crown

Look at them bounce

Circus gifts

The KING has arrived

Sword fighting

More goodies and more goodies

Nice nose, aunt Denise

The three little clowns

One tired little king

Look at my pretty pony

The two big clowns