Age 1
Page 4


I don't really like this

This is a little better

More toys, Mom, more!

Swimming swimming

I could get used to this

Time for fireworks

Smoke bombs

Go mama

That is sooo cool

Look at them all

More daddy, more

Sparklers are cool

Smile, daddy!

Can I do one?

More, more

Big brother hugs are the best

Best brothers

Smiles for Austin

Last ones

Wow, when can we do this again?

My friend, Gus

He loves my toys

What are you doing?

Just hanging out watching Gus

Watching some TV

Hi Gus

What are you doing now?

Just hanging out

I'm not a climbing toy

Who me?

Gus loves to climb on top of me

Don't pull on my tube, that is scary

Look at me sprinting off of my vent

Gus, wearing my back brace

Not on your head, silly boy

Oh no, his head is stuck

Gus loves my equipment, can't you tell

Just relaxing

Naptime, right?