Age 1
Momma's Benefit Ride for Roman
Page 5


Showing off my new switch toys

I'm just too cute

UK football for auction

UK Music City Bowl Football for auction

Time for a little snooze

Just hanging out, having fun

My banner

Some of my friends

Can I ride too?

I need a kiss, somebody


Don't wake me

In the dunk tank, watch out!

Knock her in, I want a splash

Hanging out with Haley

Thanks for helping

What are you doing over there?

Let's play everyone

Big hugs, so where is mine?

Posing with the UK Football

Go out long, I'll pass it to you

Thanks for helping out and supporting me

My family

Hi Gus

What are they trying to do....

Just relaxing and hanging out

Hello, down there.

It is dancing time

Dad, relaxing a bit

Mommy with her friend

Big teddy bears

More dancing


Got it all calculated

Thanks for everyone's help

Aren't I just too cute for words

Close up picture

Good friends

My sign