Age 2
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Happy Birthday to me

I'm 2, Happy Birthday to me

Dad's serious, I'm thinking look

No pictures, please

Celebrating the birthday party

It is the birthday boy

It is grandma's birthday too

Mommy and me hugs

Look at my new chair

I am chillaxin'

My new Thomas PJ's

I love the movie "CARS"

I am just too handsome

Let's go bowling

It is Spidey Man

When can I knock them down

Learning my a - b - c's

Look, I am the present


Everyone loves me

Here they go...

Thanks Foley family

Thanks Barry family

Look what I have

I am the birthday boy

The boys are playing

Gus wants to play too

Girl fun

I'm ready to party

Mommy's cake

Daddy's cake

2 cakes for me, does this mean next year I get 3?

All the kids

I am cute + funny + smart

In the bouncer with mommy

Hmmm, do I like it or not?

We are in the bouncer

Bouncing with daddy

This IS fun

Kisses with dad

I'll take my cake please

Hooray, I am 2!

Hurry mommy, they want cake too

Snuggling with mommy

Denise and Alley

Watching Uncle Jimmy and Caramel

Alley and Saebree

What is mommy doing?

Do we really have to get out?

Gift time, OK!

My card is singing to me

My comfy chair

We are comfy - I am, not so much for Alley