Age 2
Page 2


Hanging with Little Bill

At King's Island

At the fountain

Ready for fun

Lauryn and Boots

Hey Arnold

Hanging with Wanda

It's Sponge Bob

Pablo and I

Austin and I on Blue

On a ride with mommy

This is what I see

WOW!  Can we go again?

Daddy is with us too

We are having so much fun

Let's go again

On the carousel

I love the carousel

I love when Grandma holds me

Mommy and I at the wedding

Telling Grandma a story

Don't get any ideas mommy

My lil' buddy, Billy

Dancing the night away

Whew, I am hot mommy!

Grandma playing cornhole, on the set she got on a silent auction at our Walk n Roll to find a cure for SMA. These have the old FSMA logo on them.

Daddy not avoiding the camera

Happy mommy

Is it my turn?

I'm tired, Aunt Denise

Our family

Getting in the van

Can we keep it??

Too cool for school!!

Getting ready to go outside and drive

Tossing the ball with the other kids, sitting in Katherine's (OT) lap