Age 2
Page 13


Waiting for my bus

Some of my older classmates

Making my build a bear

Kissing and trying not to eat the heart

Bath time with Sabien

Time to get dressed

Meet Walker

Walker's chair

Sleeptime - Roman and Walker

Best brothers

Are you okay, Roman?

We are so handsome

Mommy's favorite boys

Austin, Thomas and I

Steak N Shake Sweetest Day

Austin having fun

Making silly faces

My silly face

What is on my head?

Wearing dad's headband

Yo, what's up

Bundled up and ready to go

Up close, dressed like an eskimo

Eating Amy's birthday cake

Alley hates pumpkin guts

Anything else in there....

Watch out, momma has a knife

Thomas and grandma working hard

Austin with pumpkin guts

Austin is working hard

My cure SMA pumpkin

Scooping the pumpkin out

Slimey pumpkin guts

Austin and his pumpkin

Working hard on my pumpkin

My pumpkin design