Age 2
Page 14


It is I, Spiderman

Not liking this mask

Thomas came too

Thomas showing us his skating moves

Melissa and Claudia

MJ and I skating with mommy

Princess Emma


Aunt Denise and Thomas

Kisses for Saebree

Taking a break



MJ zooming around

Princess Leah-rella


Emma in her castle

MJ has "Gone Batty"

Transformer Alex

Alley and Saebree


MJ and I talking to Chase

The three partners in crime

Austin and I

Karah and her family came

Thomas and I

Aunt Tara and Aunt Denise

Where are your skates dad???

Sophie getting a hug from dad

Kevin and Nick

Thomas skated so fast, his wheels fell off...

Can we go faster and faster again

Again momma, again!

MJ looking good

Part of the OKI Group

All the kids at the skating party