Age 2
Page 19


So tired

Spongebob PJs

Austin helping me make cookies

Doing it together

I think that's enough

Yes! Now I can play hoops with Dad & Austin

A big Christmas teddy

Mini bowling! Now I can get good for Camp

X-men DVD!

Happy Dad

Awesome airplanes


Mommy and Austin


Mesmerized by the spinning fan

Who is more excited?

High five, man

Mmm, mommy got brownies

My car


Ooo, Spongebob coloring

UK for me too

Uh oh watch out for Austin and his Nerf

YAY! A DVD player for me


UK Pink for Mommy

Daddy is so excited, he got diapers for Christmas

No, it's a signed ball!!

Ooo so beautiful!

Really, Mommy? Clothes?

Cute me

Lauryn, Roy, and me

Tenasity & me