Age 2
Page 20


Happy New Year!

Rockin' out

Daddy, wake up!

During the candle light vigil
We didn't get to make it to cause of bad weather

Praying for a cure in 2010

Just too cute for words

One smart cookie, that is me

Relaxing in my recliner

Mr. Cool

Watching Austin's basketball game

I love my mommy!


Me and Leon

Bath time

Valentine's Day goodies

A monkey

Froggie Love

Just so cute

I love you

Oh my it is a big dog

Peek a boo...

I see you

Let's Jett

My new favorite activity at school

Painting a heart

My valentine from MJ

My valentines from Alexa & Jacob

Look at all the snow

Tummy time

Playing with switches

Handsome man

Playing guitar