Age 2
FSMA Conference 2009
Page 1



Sleeping in the hotel

My set up at the hotel

Isn't Avery cute?

Aren't we too cute together

Me and Avery

Mary and Jenna

Emily and Aubrey hanging out



Charlie stopping for a few seconds


Hugs from mommy

Emma and Charlie

Hanging out with Peyton and MJ

MJ and I

Sisterly Love

Roman and Nurse Amy

The Pruitts (as seen from the 22nd floor)


Look, it is Dani

The view from MJ's room

MJ can't get in my room

Swim swim, Roman

Trying to sleep and swim at the same time

MJ is watching me swim

I am awake now

Grace B in her new powerchair

Attending my first PJ Party

Keep rubbing my arm, I love it!

Wearing daddy's hat

Little Madison



Haley is loving her new chair

Look, it is Veronica

Brenda and her buddy, Anders

Ice Cream party

Brenda and MJ

Let's get ice cream, please

Frank and Dani

Feeding myself ice cream

It is soooo good!

Race the researcher

Emma got a new chair too

Freeze tag

Lizzy ready for the PJ party too

Emma's ready too

Sitting with MJ

Yes, she is MY MJ

Holding hands


Just me