Age 2
FSMA Conference 2009
Page 2



my new buddy, Landon

Hanging with Brenda and MJ

Look what I made for dad

My gift for mommy

The kids room

Look at all of the kids


At the type 1 Meeting

MJ and Brenda


Do you see my brain??


Meeting Stella

Stella and Treyton

Stella, the flower girl

Danielle and Sherry

Landon and his mommy Bethany

Sherry and Shannon

Katy, Sarah, and Nikki

Sherry and Andrew

Hanging out with Charlie

Dinner banquet

Look at all the people

My grandma is so cool

I met Veronica last year

Got to spend time with Miss V

Can we dance, mom?

Hanging out with Trevor and his mommy

My local neighbor, Emma

I like Leah too

Leah wants my balloon

Sitting with MJ

I love to sit with MJ

My feet

Dad and Heather

Kylie, Peyton's sister


Brenda and MJ

Smile, Heather

Up on tonight's auction, the hot item of the night is Mr. Romeo Roman

My dad is jealous cuz' all the women love me!

I love my dad

I took mommy's picture


Gottcha daddy

Don't I take great pictures

Smile, everyone

Peyton wants a turn

Chris and Jennifer, Petyon's parents

Look at Peyton's shoes

Kylie is being fresh