Age 2
Page 8


Holding hands in the pool

Emma & I

Chase & Emma

More swimming, please?

Sleeping through getting my tattoos

Lightning McQueen tattoo

Cure SMA tattoo

Dani getting her tattoo


Nick at the walk

Emma at the walk

Nick & I

Nick, Roman. & Emma

Chase at the walk

Austin, McGruff, and I - I slept through all the fun stuff

Posing for pictures

All of us, except Dani

There is the end

It took us this long

McGruff and Dani

Finally waking up to Mommy squirting me with water to cool me off

Matt & Chase trying Dani's bike

My turn!

Faster, Mommy, peddle faster

This is so much fun! Don't stop for pictures!

Kevin & Emma trying it

Daddy & Daughter moment! So cute!

Beth & Nick's turn

Chase & Emma

Mad that my bike turn was over

Me, Chase, and Emma

Older women are the best

Sleepy after all that fun

Sleeping during candle lighting

Candles lit for all the kids living with SMA and for those angels who lost their battle to SMA!

Finally awake and we said our prayers for all who are living with and those who have lost their battle to SMA! Special prayers for our close friend Eden we miss you!