Age 2
Page 7


RIP Autumn Rose Marie Jeffery

A rose for a rose

You will never be forgotten

My rose for Autumn

Wanna play ball?


Carmel agrees,

It's hot hot hot

Brothers & Buddies

Loving my mommy

Playing cornhole!

I win! Right?


Knock out SMA

Cute Brothers

Punch you out!

Have you ever seen two cuter boys?!?!

OT session painting

Isn't it gorgeous?

Digging for prizes in the beans

What will I win??

Sitting all comfy in my lounger, about to sneeze

Handsome Mr. Romeo

I'm ready for the show!

Ooooh, Ahhhhh

I love them!

Mommy and Daddy helping me let off a Roman candle

Sweetheart kisses

Painting a picture

I'm just too handsome!

Dani & I

Holding hands

I love older women

Friends forever!


Swimming with Emma