Age 3
Page 14


Oh No

A talking Woody

More presents


No, don't wash it off

My snowman

Handy Manny Tools

Merry Christmas

Another present!

Presents from my buddy, Jacob

So sleepy!

Let's go

Indoor sleigh rde

Where is the snow?

Playing with Woody

Shake you by the hand

Hey Woody

I love you

Mine forever

What's on my head?

Ho Ho Ho

I'm Santa Roman

Hugs from my brother

We wish you

a Merry Christmas

Christmas - Anderson Boys Style

& a happy new year!

Listen, I've been a very good boy this year so bring me lots of toys...and make em come alive like in Toy Story

We made Christmas ornaments for MJ & Brenda

At my school Christmas party


Waiting my turn to meet Santa Claus

HOORAY for Santa Claus

I must've been a very good boy. I got a present already!

Daddy came to school with me

I got a book and a stuffed dog

Talking to Santa

Presents from MJ & Brenda

Ooo, I love it!

Zoom, a book about a kid who drives their wheelchair fast

Wiki Stix!!

Santa sent me a letter to tell me that I'm on the Nice List