Age 3
Page 15


Opening presents with Austin

So surprised!

Opening books

Peter Pan? Who is that?

Austin and I are ready to Just Dance

Toy Story shoes!

The Simpsons

Toy Story 3 game for Wii

Spongebob T-shirt

We want a party

A shoe box?

With the best shoes EVER inside!

More shoes?

A snuggie? I don't know about that

Too many presents, they are too heavy

A new basketball!

A Toy Story blanket

A Jordan jacket

I got a Toy Story snuggie

Mommy loved her present

Daddy likes his stuff too

This is a big one

Dancing Mickey Mouse! I can use it all by myself

Saving the world before bedtime

All the clothes I got for Christmas

My toys and fun stuff that I got for Christmas

I got a haircut

New T-shirt from my secret Santa, Jacob

He sent me Buzz Lighttyear too

Woody, me, & Buzz

Skyping with school

Paying attention and concentrating hard

Need more tickets

Mattress shopping for my new room

I like this one

Hurry up grandma

Jonathan Fanene with Austin and I! He is so incredibly nice!

Austin, me and Jerome Simpson at the Basketball Celebrity game!

Austin, me, Caleb Miller, and Jerome Simpson. They were so super nice and I loved meeting them and watching them play my  other favorite sport,  basketball!

Mommy cuddles

Parachuting at school

Right before leaving for school, it was pajama day so I guess he felt like he should just sleep.