Age 3
Page 2


At Billy's Birthday Party

Hello everyone

Still dancing to the "Ice Cream and Cake"

I'll have some cake too

Happy Birthday Billy

At the Gorman Heritage Farm

Fun in the sun

Hey little goat

You are pretty soft


Can I ride it...

or can I pet it...

What is in my hand?

Just some corn to feed the animals

Yes, just corn

More corn

Hey Little Chicky


He is so soft

Kisses from one cute chick

Not sure about this big one

I like the bunny

This one is super soft

My new B4SMA blanket

Blanket hugs from MJ and Brenda

Hanging out on the couch

My Einstein Shirt

Looking so grown up

Bubbles, bubbles...all around

Casted for new TLSO

Time for another baseball game

Chase's turn

Team Roman & Austin

We scored

Taking a relaxing break

Time to hit a homerun

Too hot out here