Age 3
Page 3


Hanging out with Alley

Happy 5th Birthday Chase!

Going on a tractor ride

Bouncy Ride

Karah came too

Talking to Karah

Petting a miniature pony...

and a goat....

Karah's turn

Me and my friends

Are there more animals?

Chase loves the baby goat

We want to know what is next

Chase loves the bunny

...and I love him too

The bunny is twitching his paw

Thomas & Austin riding
the crazy chickens

Happy 5th Birthday Chase

Make a good wish


Karah's party favors

Catching some rays at Saebree's party

Time to go for a swim

Thanks for blocking the sun

My new Road Runner TLSO

Dad and Sloan

My brother Austin


The crazy boys

Hanging out

Best brothers

Holding hands with Gi

Denise, Big Thomas, Alley, & Lil Thomas

With Sue and mommy

Thomas and I

Thomas, Alley, and I

Trying again

I'm just too handsome for words

Mom and Grandma

Big Thomas flipping

Grandma and I