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Look Who's Four!

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Can you see my team spirit in my HAIR?

I like my rabbit!

Aren't the Jaguar cheerleaders pretty?

Look at all my pirate loot!

My new paint job, isn't it cool?

The organ is fun.

Grandma's flowers

I'm so cute!

again.... I'm sooooo cute

ok i'm ready

fixing the grill for my Daddy

look out behind me!

you can't see me!

DC is fun

This is great!

bubble boy

cool dude?

being goofy

trust me....

Its not time for bed yet!

Yes mom???

I love the dirt.

I really love Chocolate!!

making cookies or trying on flour?

who is that?

I made this monster at my b-day party

I am 4 years old!

Arrrh I'm Samuel the pirate.

Very flexible. Kinda weird? Extremely funny!

singing a song?

Anyone need an apple? I bobbed for it!

Sponge Bob! Come here so I can smack you!

How cute am I?

Look! Straight and tall with just one hand holding (and maybe a little bit of my tummy)

I'm such a happy boy!

Check out the fish!

I'm sooooo strong!

I wrote my name on the driveway.

Check me out!

I'm a tiger.. grrrrr

Who needs a driver's license?

It's alot easier to just throw it in!

Changing the oil with Dad

Samuel drawing at school

Samuel recieving citizen of month at school