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I love my dog!

Mommy loves this tree.


Faster Zack!

helping Daddy

making Daddy laugh

trying to be a tough boy

but i'm too cute

Before my haircut.

After my haircut.

I'm cleaning out my green pool!


Spider Boy!

I love my puppy.

Going for a ride!

This is my Dog, I call him Thunderbolt.

Our own Flash

Yes Sir, Chief!

Look out! I'm having my driving lesson.

What a cowboy!

He is sooo not getting that ball.

Watch me hit the target.

The karate kid.

I'm not impressed with sparring.

Like my hat?

I can't write another word,Mommy.

I love the water!

Daddy, I need a light on my bike.

Can you see my Daddy under all the animals?

Michael being given a helment by Tom Meents driver of Maxium Destruction

Michael wearing Tom Meents helment

Michael and Tom Meents at the Monster Jam

Michael blow out the candles on his 8th birthday cake

Threading a pipe

Changing the oil with Dad

A day at the zoo