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Hat's off to Samuel!

I like trees!

Before my haircut.

After my haircut.

This net is my size.

Watch this!

Helping my Daddy.

I got this job down.

Going down?

Riding the lift on my new bus.

Showing us stuff at the circus.

Running away to join the circus??

Daddy, I don't like the cool hat!!

I know you can't see me, but I'm in my first school bus!

Riding after a hard day at school.

Just need to tweak this up a little.

I like it up here.

The Karate Kid!

Ain't I cute?

Watch out! I'm pretty dangerous.

My Daddy is helping me with my schoolwork.

Where is spiderman?

I'm a fishing boy!

I really like spasketti!

Just one more game, Mom.

I'm always sooooo happy.

Are you crazy? I'm not touching that!

Super Boy!!!!!

I need my tongue to cut my pumpkin.

Anyone need a flashlight??

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