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My C300 Power Chair

Knee braces to help my Knees full extend.

WOW This thing goes fast!

I love my new Power chair!

I'm free!

Do you like my bike?

My mommy ties my shoe to the pedal so my legs move.

Chilling in the hallway.

Look at my new Zippie Wheelchair!

Check out my new Rabbit Stander!

I can stand all by myself with my high braces!

Cool, I can reach more magnets!

My therapist is letting me borrow this wheelchair stander.


I like being outside and in control!

Going up my new ramp in my new walker.

Coming down my new ramp in my new walker.

Can you see my cool braces?

Ok, Give it a try!

My daddy made this my most fun "equipment" with hand controls

My new Ride