Brenda's Page!

Brenda started working with me in 1992, after my mom died. Somehow she heard about us through the MDA.  Her former boss called her and told her to look into working with us (my sister, Emma and I) as she was unhappy with her current job. Brenda called my father and after an interview on the phone, he hired her! She moved from Iowa 4 weeks after my father hired her.
I don't know how she came to us but I am really glad she did!

Brenda and MJ on Christmas 2001. Matching vests that Brenda made!


Brenda, MJ & Emma


MJ & Brenda hugging in WY! Aren't we cute?


WOOHOO! Look at all our presents!




At church before Christmas.


At Disney World


Hanging out in Wyoming


Leaving the Denver airport with Brenda's brother, Doug


Planting flowers in the back yard



MJ, Brenda, and her college roommate, Tammy (MJ was very jealous of Tammy because she got to have chocolate milk and doughnuts for breakfast)


Brenda, MJ's Aunt Jill, and MJ's cousin Pete


Brenda and MJ at Camp Hemlocks -

May 2005


Brenda and Charlie S.


Brenda in the Atlantic Ocean




Brenda's Mom Janis, MJ, and Brenda

Brenda and Sophia D (with Flat Sarah)


Brenda and MJ at the Purk Family Reunion

Camp Harkness 2007

Brenda and MJ at Olive Garden

Helping Taylor steal MJ's shoes

Hanging out with the Pruitt Family


More Pictures

Christmas 2005 Thanksgiving 2006