My Mom!




Mommy all smiley on our couch in our living room!



My Mom was born on February 15. Her parents (Audree and Bob Kuhn) named her Elizabeth Marie Kuhn. She was the oldest of 3 children. She attended school and college. She was an RA in college and then moved to Ohio for a little while. In Ohio she met my Grandma and then my Dad. My Dad and Mom got married and moved to New York.

My Mom worked at SUNY college and always loved working with kids. One day, she went to lunch with friends and was killed in a car accident. She was a wonderful mother and no one can ever replace her!

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Wasn't she beautiful?


My Dad and Mom at my Aunt Laura's wedding


Me, Emma, and my Mom outside our town house.


Suzette (my baby sitter), Emma, me, and my Mom riding a pony.


Mommy at Grandma and Pa's house





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