For my favorite "L'il Sista" dreamer, MJ Purk

There are so many dreamers
With so many dreams,
Who believe for the things yet to be.

And there are those who are praying
With hope in their hearts
For the things they have yet to see.

But it is people like these
Who open our eyes
To see the greatest parts of this life.

And these people who dream
Keep the flame going strong
In the midst of all the world's strife.

There's a silver lining behind
The shadow of every cloud,
And all it takes is a smile

To let the sun come shining through
And to serve as the proof
That God is with us all the while.

So dreamers, keep dreaming,
Because you keep us moving on
Toward the day when things are set right.

And you teach us to dream
Special dreams of our own
When we close our eyes at night.

You inspire us to love
Against every odd,
No matter how big or how small,

Because dreams are the stuff
That hope is built on,
But Love is the greatest of all.

-HRPayne, 02/07/03