I Am Holland
by Chantelle Wilkes

Over a decade ago you came to Holland
Your ticket to Italy in hand

You had been eagerly waiting to go
To see Rome, and Michelangelo

The plane instead landed in Holland
I know it wasn't what you planned

To you this was new
But I had been waiting for you

You see I am Holland
So I held you by the hand

You were just the one
The very special person

I knew that you would love me
Did I help you to see?

The wonders of this place
The softness of your face

I am glad you are here
I am glad you are near

You love me

You did not mind that I am slow
The little that I know

The windmills and the tulips
The sails and the ships

This quite place
The soft face

I love to hold your hand
For I am Holland