About Taylor

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 Taylor in her Easter dress - April 98.



Taylor was diagnosed with SMA Type II at 9 months after much testing.  Over the next few years she developed all the terrible signs of this dread disease.  She spent much time in the hospital fighting through respiratory problems that included bouts with pneumonia and respiratory infections.  Through all of these difficult times Taylor's smile and will to fight kept the rest of us fighting to keep her with us as long as possible.

Taylor made up for her inability to walk by keeping us all jumping to keep her entertained.  She loved to watch TV and videos, and had a large collection of both Disney movies as well as classics like "Annie" and "Cats".  She could sing all the songs and knew all the players in everyone of her over 100 films.  She loved to have stories read to her and if a part was skipped she made you go back and do it again.

She loved to be held and kissed and to give orders.  She attended school for a short time and learned to count.  With the help of her many caregivers she often visited the park where she could swing and go down the slide.    

This is the first anniversary of her joining the Angles (August 10).  Our hearts will forever keep a special place for her.  When she left - a bright light went out of our lives. Taylor loved everyone unconditionally and equally.  We understand God has a mission for us all and although to loose Taylor seems so unfair we know she finished hers, however short, with kisses, hugs, smiles and love.

We all miss you Taylor.