A Poem for Taylor


This poem, written by Jim Howard, was sent to us from some very dear friends.  The words are so appropriate in memory of Taylor.  Those of us who were so blessed to have had her in our life know she is smiling, singing, playing and truly at peace.  She had a mind like a sponge and strove hard to learn all she could. .  In the short time we had her in our life she made an enormous impact on all the people she came in contact with. She gave her love unconditionally to all, and did not ask for much in return. We will miss her forever.


Little one, little one,

Where have you gone?


Your going has darkened

The brightest dawn.


Why did you leave us

So soon, so soon?

Where can we look for you?


Over the moon?

On butterflies wings?

In the heart of a rose?


Who knows, who knows

Where a little one goes.


Where I have gone,

I am not so small.


My soul is as wide

As the world is tall.


I have gone to answer

The call, the call

Of the one who takes care of us all.


Wherever you look

You will find me there

In the heart of a rose

In the heart of a prayer.


On butterflies’ wings

On wings of my own.


To you, I‘m gone,

But I’m never alone.


I’m over the moon,

I am home.


 Grandma HiHo and Papa - February 14, 2000