Tony's Poem

Taylor & Tony Costa

Composed by - Tony Costa  - Taylor’s Dad


I wish I could DO

How you make me feel

Strong and Loving

With the power to heal.


I talked to GOD

And tried to make a deal.

I asked …..

Let me take her place

As I am just taking up space

And she is smart enough

To re-invent the wheel.


I guess one could say

It is not FAIR…..

One could wonder

Does GOD really care….


But, one glance at your life

And all becomes clear

YOU taught us how to live,

Even through fear…


It is times like this

I wish you were near.


YOU are in my heart

And pump through my veins…

Your smile will shine bright

Even when it rains.


YOU tease like no other,

Truly beautiful like your MOTHER – able to make us laugh…

With enough LOVE to cover us all…



For someone so small


There are a million things about you

That make me smile



As I won’t live a million days

I’ll have enough memories

To last me a while….


Till the day our SOULS touch

In God’s heavenly light

I am not sure anything in my life

Will ever be quite right….




I LOVE you and miss you….
I will be with you soon………