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Taylor Chase Costa, A Life of Rainbows


Some people come into our lives and quietly go. Some people come into our lives and leave footprints on our hearts. And we are never the same thereafter. God gave me a gift back on June 12, 1997. Her name is Taylor. She was and will always be a shining light in my life. I was blessed to have been her nurse and her friend for over 2 years. She was my best friend.


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In her young and tender years she taught me so much, how to love unconditionally, how to smile even though there were things she didnít understand. How to trust, how to adapt to almost anything sent her way, and most of all she taught me to live life to the fullest. Taylor was blessed to have many earth angels in her life.


My thoughts and prayers are with Taylor, her mom Jenn, her dad Tony, Grandma, GG, Auntie Bit, Mr. B. and

her whole family (I donít want to leave anyone out, there were so many angels in her life). From the first day Taylor entered my life, there was a special bond between us. We had little things we did that were just for us. I saw life through her loving eyes. We watched TV and of course we watched her videos. We had special names for our TV shows, the Doggy Show, 7th Heaven, the Bubble Show, Pop-Up Video, and the Funny Show, Seinfeld. We had special names for each other, I was Mickey Mouse and she was Goofy.


Taylor is the wind beneath my wings.


She was special to all the people in her life. She touched so many lives. Her infectious laugh and ear to ear

grin when she was up to something always made me thank the Lord that I was sent to be Taylor Chase Costa's nurse. She taught me patience, kindness, everlasting endurance and always made me feel that no

matter what, we would accomplish anything. Taylor always made me smile. Even on the days when she was very, very sick, she would attempt a wink to let me know she knew I was there.


I truly feel God sent me to be there for this angel. We had a routine. Which wasnít all that easy to have since

each day was so different from the day before. But there were many things in Taylor's life that were the same and she brought true happiness and joy to them. She was so easy going. Always willing to try something even if she didnít know the outcome. Tentative at first about all the medical equipment, she adapted so well in the long run. Taylor just trusted in her family and all her caregivers. She showed me that life would be ok if you just live it in the moment.


And did she ever do that. We were able to go to a few events that will forever be in my memories. The look on her face when she was at the circus and then how she was yelling to Ariel to come hold her when we were at Disney on Ice are priceless. I never saw her as a client with handicaps. I saw her as a little child who loved me unconditionally. She always was very sensitive to all. She knew when someone wasnít feeling well, or when they seemed to be having a bad day. She brought me true joy and I cant thank God enough for that.

There will be a hole in my heart forever for my precious friend.


*Taylor, I love you!*


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