My First Month:

April 4 to May 4, 2001


I came into this world at Fletcher Allen Hospital in Burlington, Vermont.  I was screaming when I came out.  They said my Apgars were great, 9 and 9.  I  think my points off were from a lack of muscle tone which is because of my disease.   I wasn't too interested in nursing right away.  I just wanted to be snuggled and SLEEP!

My brother came to visit me and Mom the same evening that I was born.   Mom held me and my brother at the same time in her bed.  My brother was fascinated by me, but I just slept!

think I was a pretty good baby.   But somehow I earned the nickname,  "Boo Hoo."  Why do you think?

Mommy had to bring me into the doctors a couple of times because I wasn't gaining weight too well.  I didn't mind going too much because the doctors and nurses are nice, but I didn't like being naked to get weighed.

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What I Like:

I like holding my Mommy's finger while I fall asleep at night.

Having Aunt Chris hold me because I always fall asleep.

Sucking on my "pa."

Laying with my brother and sucking on his fingers.

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What I Don't Like:

Being left alone for more than two seconds.



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