My Third Month:

June 5-July 4th 2001

I got to meet MJ, Brenda and Tim.  They are friends of our family so they are my friends, too!  (16th) They drove up from NY.  They have a cool van that MJ's wheelchair can fit in really easily.  MJ has SMA (type 2) like my brother and me.   Event though she is 13 she is Casey's girlfriend!  Casey is only 4 and a half.)  We went to Aunt Chris's house to wait for them.  They seemed really happy to meet me, and to see Mommy, Daddy, Casey and Aunt Chris again.  Tim held me and I loved it!  Brenda made me a special, special, beautiful quilt of my own.   MJ picked out the pattern and material.  I love it! 

We tried to go on the Ethan Allen Ferry ride, but they only had the upper decks open so we couldn't get the wheelchairs on.  Mommy was MAD!  We walked around Burlington.  Brenda held me for a long time while I slept like a baby!  I got a bit of a sunburn because my hat kept popping off because I have such a big head!   Then we went to Olive Garden which is MJ's and Casey's favorite restaurants.   I was pretty good, but Mommy had to bring me out to the van around dessert time for my supper!  Then we all hung out at Aunt Chris' and chatted.  We were all pooped!

The next day, (17th) we were supposed to meet at Shelburne Farms.  We picked up Aunt Chris and got there, but no MJ, Brenda or Tim!  We are usually the ones who are late.  They pulled up a short while later.  There was some mix-up with their hotel reservations so they had to stay in Stowe!  They were a bit tired, but perked up while we wandered around the farm.  We saw donkeys and horses, chickens and roosters, sheep and cows, and pigs.  Casey got to see live animals for the first time.  Me too, but I didn't care much.  Casey was excited!  Daddy put me on the lamb like it was a horsey.  Afterwards, we went to Friendly's.  All too soon it was time to say good-bye.  MJ still had some school to finish up for the year.   We miss them a lot!

Then, on July 2nd, Mommy's friends came up from Long Island to see us.  Maria and Mommy went to High School together.  Maria still lives in the same town that they both grew up in.  She is married to Ken.  He is cool.  He is tall.   They have two kids, Katie and Jack, who are almost four and 16 months old.   Katie is a sweet girl.  Jack is a terror!  He is lots of fun.   Actually, he didn't pay too much attention to me.  Katie was very gentle with me.

We did stuff like go to the camp they stayed at and we hung out and played. We all went to the Milton 4th of July parade.  At least that's what they told me.   I slept through the whole thing!  Once, Mommy and Maria and I went out alone.  It was nice and quiet for them to talk.

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I am so smart, my mom says.  I like to bat at toys now.  I have figured out that if I hit something, it will have an action.

I love my baths!  I get one almost every evening.  I can kick, kick my legs really well in the water.  I smile and coo.  Mom uses Johnson's Baby Bar on me.  She loves to smell my head afterwards!

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When Mommy tries to sneak out of bed and leave me there sleeping.  I always wake up!



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