I turned 6 months old on October 4th, so I am in my 7th month, get it??  It's confusing but that's the way it is...And if you want to really get down to it, I was 24 weeks old (6 months) or 168 days on September 19th.  But, if you count months, I wasn't 6 months until October 4th.  Anyway, I'm growing and getting older!  We didn't officially have a birthday celebration for Colin today.  Aunt Chris said it wouldn't have been fair since we didn't do a 6 month for Casey.  Aunt Chris did give him a very soft, fleece snow suit and Grandma O'Neill gave him a Blue's Clues suit.   I whispered Happy Birthday into his ear.

October 5:  Today we went to a horse stable.  Our OT boards her horse there.   We got to see and smell and feel and hear so many new, cool things.  Casey was most interested.  I kind of just hung out.  Mommy loved it, as she is a horse person from way back!  She never had one of her own, but used to ride quite a bit.   Mmmm, I love being around horses.  I wish...

October 6:  Mommy and Daddy were married 11 years ago today.  I know it's not romantic, but Aunt Peggy came up from White River and helped Mommy reorganize the kitchen.   It took all day!  Daddy came home with beautiful flowers and a pound of white chocolate for Mommy.  Aunt Peggy set the table for their dinner.  Aunt Chris brought lobsters and baked potatoes for their anniversary dinner. 

October  7:  Brr.  It was a cold, windy day, but we went to the Apple Fest in South Hero.  I loved being strolled through the streets with so much to look at!  People, booths, stuff, crafts, antiques, etc.  Casey got to ride on a pony.   I got to go down the twirly slide with Aunt Peggy. It was a lot of fun getting out and about, but it's a lot of work taking both boys out.   I am tired!

October 15:  I went swimming this morning!  We had fun.  Mommy held me in the water and nurse Julie helped Casey put his legs around Mommy from behind and she held them and Julie helped Casey hold on with his arms and we made a train around the pool!  Casey had his vent OFF!  I love swimming with the boys.  They both seem so free and extra happy when in the water.  They like to show off what they can do with the buoyancy in the water.  Then when we came home from swimming we had to go to my 6 month check up at DR. DiMichelle's.  Everyone commented on how cute and social I am.  Mom is a little worried about my weight.  I only weigh 15 pounds and 11 1/2 ounces which is what I weighed two months ago.  I got two "picks" but I only got red in the face and then cried for a minute.  I didn't sleep much so I was a bit cranky when I got home, so I took a long nap.  Then my "feeding teacher" (speech/language) came and helped Mommy with feeding me baby foods.  She showed her how to leave the spoon in and let me get myself ready to breathe, chew and swallow.  It's a big job, you know to eat!  I did pretty well once Mommy and I got a system going.

October 20:  It's Aunt Peggy's birthday!  We picked up Grandma and Grandpa O'Neill and Cousin RJ (he was with his day for a couple of days) and we all drove down to Barre to meet Aunt Peggy and Cousin Tyler.  "New" Uncle Steve wasn't there because he had "the bug."  We met at the Soup & Greens.  It was pretty fun.  Everyone talked a lot and everyone took turns holding me.  Then Casey, Daddy and Grandpa went into Wal-Mart while Mommy, me and Grandma hung out in the van.  Casey got a smiley face sticker but didn't get one for me.  Colin didn't eat for 6 hours today.  I tried and tried, but he'd just make a squeaky yell when I put him to my breast.  Very frustrating.  He finally ate again when we got home and were all snuggled in bed.

October 21:  (Well, we've pretty much given up on the baby food.  It's just too much stress on all of us.  I thought it was going okay, but I really think he's having a hard time with it.)  I try and eat and make Mommy happy, but it's so hard for me.  I'm scared that I will choke.  Evening...It seems like he's eating much better today--and peeing more, too.  I wonder if it was the vaccinations that he got last week?  But--realistically, he did start slowing down eating before his shots.  Grandma and Grandpa O'Neill came over to eat chicken soup that Daddy made.  The house smelled soooo good!  I got hugged and held a lot.

November 1:  We have lots to tell!  I'm feeling much better.  Mommy and Daddy brought me to New Jersey to get my g-tube so they can make sure I get enough food in my belly.  You know, somehow after all I went thru down there, I feel pretty good and I am nursing way better and I'm not dehydrated!  I'm sure Mommy will tell you all about our trip.  I'd rather just tell you about seeing MJ and Brenda and meeting my new girlfriend, Lily. 

Brenda and MJ came to the hospital on Thursday and Saturday.  I had just had my procedure on Thursday morning, so I was out of it and slept thru their visit.  Mommy and Daddy had a good time visiting with them.  On Saturday, they came again and this time I was awake for part of the time.  I even talked and smiled!  Mommy figured out that I was still pretty tender so she started having them give me Tylenol every 6 hours instead of waiting to see if I was fussy and in pain.  Glad she figured that one out!  I was much better on Tylenol the wonder drug!!  MJ had fun wandering around and getting the nurse when we needed something.  Oh, she brought me some beanies and beanie buddy's and a book that I'm supposed to share with Casey.  I guess I will share. 

Now, about my girlfriend...her name is Lily.  She is just about 2 months younger than me.  She has SMA type 1 also.  I met her in the hospital in NJ when we were both getting our g-tubes.  She is very, very cute.  You know, our moms say we kind of resemble each other!  When we were recovered enough to be  moved around, and we were both awake and happy at the same time, our Mommys unhooked us from our monitors and we got to lay on the bed together.  We bonked each other in the head and held hands and talked.  It was nice to meet someone so much like me! 

Lily, Amy, and Amy's mom were great to have next door to us.  I'm really glad it worked out the way it did.  We always had lots to chat about.  Lots of ideas to share.  If a hospital stay can ever be enjoyable, it was, thanks to Lily, Amy and her Mom!  And, hanging out with MJ and Brenda always makes the time go so fast and we have lots of fun, too.



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