Anna Landre!
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We haven't met her yet, but her mother is very active with her care and I am impressed with some that I have learned from them.

I have chose to include her equipment directly on this site to save time mainly and to help others view more of what is available out there for these children. Thank you so much Laura for sharing.

Standing is so good for these children and their bone and joint development. It is also one way to help stop contractures in the knee joint.

I thought this was a brilliant way to help with head control and to get the needed weight bearing on the elbows. After the conference, and I get more money, I will be looking into getting one of these for Crystal as this is an area we like to keep active as well. (One of the toughest things to exercise, Crystal just really throws a fit so far with my ideas)

A playhouse outside for standing, wonderful!

Anna and her brother Will. We sure share Laura's exhaustion as she tries to keep Anna involved with different activities and then has to chase Will, especially when he B lines for Anna.

A wheelchair with a tray, how neat. Crystal has to wheel up to a table.

Okay, how do you guys do that? Was the chair made that way or was this another one of your brilliant ideas? I can only dream...

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