Age 4
Camp for Courageous Kids


The Center for Courageous Kids

Are we there yet?

I think I see it...

Brenda and MJ

Nikki, Leah, and Annah

Wake up Jacob



Kicking up the fun


Melanie looking tired


Brenda and Beth looking tired


My birthday buddy, Leah

The Goodson Family

Singing, dancing, and having fun

Holding hands with Jacob

Posing for the camp picture

The serious pose

The party pose

Lise and Connor


Chase, MJ, and me hanging out

Looking out toward the gym and pool

Looking towards the horse stable

Being serenaded by Ben

Ben letting me play his guitar


I love Ben

Let me go get Ben


Look what Ben gave me

MJ dyed her hair and did her nails

Ben holding my hand

I got my hair dyed too

Annah won't dye her hair

Look at MJ's shirt

Nate, the wild man

Leah is into the chocolate again

MJ hanging with Erin

The almost birthday girls

I am hanging with MJ

Matt, Sherry, and Chase

What a beautiful night

The gym and pool at night

Annah and Tiffany

I don't want to go home yet


Alex and his dad

My true love, Ben


It looks creepy out there

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Center for Courageous Kids
Family Weekend Montage


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