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June 12, 2006

Phew!  I made it.  Here I am in Gilbert, Arizona and it is very hot.  The current temperature is 106 degrees and I am in this stuffy box waiting for the Muszkiewicz (Mus-ka-witz) Family to get home and unpack me!  Yes!  The brought me into the air conditioning and I meet my new friend, Lindsey who has SMA II/III.  Lindsey has a Canine Assistant service dog named Wonder, and she is so cute and very smart!  Lindsey and Wonder gave me a tour of the house and their very favorite tree in the backyard.  Lindsey, Wonder, Brandon (her brother), and I grab our sunglasses as we pose for a picture.  There is also a baby brother, named Carter who has let me borrow any warm-weather clothing I might need.  I think I’m going to like it here.

June 13, 2006

Lindsey had a girlfriend over today and her name was Shelby.  It was so nice for Lindsey, Brandon, and Shelby to include me in their special play date.  Together we had an indoor picnic on the ground while we watched movies, played checkers, and played horses.  Later, I got to ride in Lindsey’s power wheelchair and her Wonder-dog retrieved dropped objects for me. That was great!  We had a fun filled day today getting to know each other.  Later in the day, I shared my special journal with Lindsey.  She couldn’t wait to be a part of this special journey with me.  I am so lucky to have made so many wonderful friends along my trip. 

June 14, 2006

As we drove Brandon to his summer school class this morning…Lindsey told me I was invited to Brandon’s 6th Birthday party this weekend.  Oh boy!  I love birthday parties!  I can’t wait.  Lindsey and I made her favorite dessert – chunky chocolate BROWNIES.  We had a great time pretending to be chefs while cooking together.  We both had to sneak a taste while her mom’s back was turned.  Mmmm…good.  I am adjusting to the hot weather…I had to borrow a tank top from the baby.  Thank goodness we wear the same size. 

June 16, 2006

Today was Brandon’s 6th Birthday!  He was so excited to open his birthday gifts and have chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast made by Mom.  Later the Muszkiewicz family met at Chuck E. Cheese for Brandon’s special birthday lunch.  I had tons of fun playing games, winning tickets, and eating cheese pizza with Lindsey and Brandon.  We had a quick nap after returning home.  That evening the Grandma arrived (they call Gram) for dinner.  Brandon requested Kraft Shells and Three Cheese Macaroni and home made cheese cake for dessert.  What a fun filled day!  I am exhausted.  Tomorrow is the big party at Bounce U.  I better rest up.

June 17, 2006

Bounce U was great!  Brandon had tons of friends and some family there to celebrate his 6th birthday.  Our group played in a large room full wall to wall with inflatable bouncers, obstacle courses, and slides.  Lindsey’s Dad took her out of her wheelchair to help her bounce in the jumper too.  I had fun bouncing with her.  We sat in the bouncer together while others bounced the in the jumper around us…making us bounce along.  It was so much fun.  Next Lindsey and I played air hockey – she is good at that game.  After hour or so we moved our party into the private cake room.  This is when Brandon got to open his birthday gifts, have cake and ice cream.  You should have seen the HUGE ice cream sundae they had brought in for our group.  It was delicious.  During the party Lindsey told her friends about why I was visiting and all the places I have gone to already.  They all thought it was very cool. I was so happy to attend Brandon’s birthday party today.  I am so lucky to visit so many special kids on their special days – while I am traveling.  It makes my traveling even more memorable.

June 18, 1006

It’s Father’s Day today.  I can’t believe we are having another celebration.  These people don’t know when to stop.  Rob celebrated Father’s Day in style.  Mom cooked a special breakfast for him and then we all went to see the movie “Over the Hedge”.  That was a funny movie and the Muszkiewicz kids seemed to like it a lot.  The baby mostly slept through it.  After the movie we all relaxed and Mom cooked a wonderful meal for dinner.  I write in my journal thinking about Lindsey’s Dad and how much he does for his family.  I think about all the SMA Dads I have met today – and how blessed their children are to have them.  I hope you all had a wonderful Father’s Day today!  I had another busy and fun day.  I think I might need to catch up on my rest tomorrow.

“He is doing great.  He has a new girlfriend.  Sheesh.  I had my birthday on June 16, 2006 and Mr. Bear was there too.  We had fun at Bounce U and took pictures with him.  I got a long toy gun and a Nerf gun too, even though I got a Batman toy.  It was so cool.  I got a Bounce U t-shirt too.   Bye.”  From Brandon!!

June 19, 2000

Lindsey had occupational therapy in the swimming pool today with Mrs. Bev.  I got to swim too.  It is almost too hot to do anything else but swim!  Today I also took a ride in Carter’s walker.  It was a short ride – he didn’t like my company.  Today I also met a beautiful bear named Ginger.  She came home from the store with Lindsey and she quickly introduced us.  I had never seen a bear more gorgeous than Ginger!  She had reddish-brown fur and had a big bow around her neck.  She also wore a cute white bow in her right ear.  She is not only a pretty bear, but very nice and thoughtful.  I am so excited to have a new friend in Arizona.

June 20, 2000

Lindsey had swimming outside with her physical therapist named Mrs. Tara.  Lindsey loves to swim.  The water makes it possible for Lindsey to stand and jump!  Otherwise she cannot do so on land.  I am happy to see Lindsey exercise in the water – she has a blast.  Brandon took me outside today to work on his workbench.  It is really cool.  He has his own set of tools, nails, and wood.  We worked together on making something important. I can’t tell you what it is though, he made me promise.  Ginger and I played with baby Carter’s kitchen.  We had tea and talked all afternoon.  She is really good at this pound-a-ball game too.  I like Ginger.  She is my kind of bear.

June 21, 2000

Lindsey started art class this week.  She goes everyday from 11am to 1 pm.  Lindsey’s Mom won’t allow me to go to the art class, because they are working on clay and pottery all week.  Mom says that I am too special to get clay on and I could get ruined.  Lindsey is not happy about that.  I don’t mind, I get to stay home and hang out with Ginger!  Today we shared an ice cream float and read books together.  I think I’m in love.  I don’t want to leave the Muszkiewicz family so soon…especially Ginger.  I’ll have to go back in my traveling box in two days. 

June 22, 2006

Today is my last day with the Muszkiewicz gang.  Lindsey let me play with her toy horse collection today.  Then she brought me to the store so I could pick out my Arizona memorabilia.  I picked out an Arizona pencil set, a pin that says Arizona, and some rubber bracelets that have the AZ Diamondbacks and Phoenix Suns logos on them!   It is very hot all day/night long.  This week the temperatures went as high as 110 degrees.   Even though we couldn’t do too many activities outside due to the extreme heat – we still had so much fun doing things inside, swimming, or visiting at places with air conditioning.  I will miss Lindsey and her family.  I will miss Wonder.  Most of all I will miss my Ginger.  Ginger and I have agreed to write to each other and stay in touch.  I haven’t told her this yet…but I think I might have found my Mrs. Bear!   Goodbye – Muszkie’s! I am off to see cowboy Ian and his family New York.  I hope the weather is cooler there.


July 27, 2006

Hi all, this is Mr. Bear and I am going to update Ian's Journal right now. I will say I was glad for a second to be taken out of the box, but then it didn't take long for Ian's puppy to find me and want me for a play mate! I screamed so Missy put me on the couch where growleth can't get me just yet. She did say that it won't be much longer before he will be able to jump on the couch. My goodness what a feisty puppy he is! I just know I don't want to be his play mate! Growleth would probably tear me up into pieces. Missy said she would make sure I am safe while I am visiting them. I do wish Ian was here, but he is still at MDA camp. Missy said that we will pick him up on Friday, I can't wait to meet Ian. I have met his little brother Andy, who I think is more interested in that feisty puppy of his than me. I also met Ian's older brother Mitch, but he isn't awake enough yet to even think. Missy said he will be soon, but will be stuck on the computer, so I think I will just watch Mitch play dark stone. If it is nice we will be going to a park today, and having a cookout. I sure hope the rain will stay away today.  Oh well you know after that scare of Growleth coming after me I almost forgot to say how much I do miss Lindsey, Brandon, and Carter Paul. It was a lot of fun in Arizona with them. Missy said that Lindsey is Ian's cowgirl. I guess Ian really likes Lindsey huh. Well I will be back soon to let everyone know how my day went. And to let you know whether or not Growleth was able to chew me up or not!Well we made it to the park just to get rained out. I know the boys are getting sick of all the rain they have had here this week. I am just hoping Ian is still able to have lots of fun even with all the rain. Before we went to the park I watched Andy ride his really cool bike, and even had my picture taken with him and his bike. Andy said he will show me how he can jump a bike ramp before I leave. I can't believe a four year can jump a ramp, but his mom said he can. I watched Mitch play dark stone some today, that is almost all Mitch has done all day! We also went to the movie theater tonight and saw Cars. What a great movie it is. Missy didn't think Ian would like it, but now she is wondering and will have to rent it when it comes out for him to see it also. We are not sure what tomorrow holds for us yet. Missy said this week has been busy so she may just take the time to get some paperwork done that she is behind on. So far it has been a fun day with Ian's family.

July 03, 2006

This is Mr. Bear again. I was so excited when we went and picked up Ian from camp. He is such a cool kid! Things have been pretty calm around here since I have been here. We went to a park the other day, that was pretty neat. Today though we went to Chuck E Cheeses. I had a blast there playing with the boys. Andy seems to have the most interest in me. He is a funny kid too. I like hanging out with Andy a lot. Ian told me today that the most fun will be Tuesday on the 4th. He said that they go to a park all day, and that they do lots of things. I can't wait for that day to come. I know tomorrow is going to be a busy day for Ian's mom. She said she is babysitting three kids. So there will be six kids here, and the puppy. What a busy day for her. She is excited about two of the three kids though. She said that one is only two months old, and the other is three years old. I guess the three old is a lot like Andy, and also now rides a bike without training wheels. In fact I got to watch Missy take them off for the little boy the other night. He does ride real good, and raced Andy up and down the street. I need to get to bed because the two young kids are coming over at eight in the morning. Then later Ian's cousin Jesse will be over for her to watch. We sure hope he behaves tomorrow.

July 10, 2006

I arrived safely in Byron Center, Michigan – just south of Grand Rapids. Jillian (7 yrs old, SMA free) and Isaac (5 yrs old, Type I) were very excited to see the box waiting for them when they got home. They had been at Vacation Bible School all morning and then to see the neurologist.  They were pretty tired.  I am now watching PBS with them. Jillian has already changed my clothes and they are discussing who gets to take me to VBS tomorrow.  I got to sit in a little highchair at dinner and Jillian even made a plate of food for me. And then after dinner we made a sign for one of Isaac’s nurses. She has been on sabbatical for the past six months and is returning tonight. She is Isaac’s favorite nurse and he is very happy that she is coming back!    Jillian made a little bed for me and it sits right beside Isaac’s bed. He told nurse Alice, that she should turn me, every time he gets turned. I wonder how often that will be? Isaac’s Mom said it would be lots!


July 11, 2006

It was a busy day in the Postma household.  Jillian’s Mom got us up early because we had to get to Vacation Bible School.  I watched as Isaac’s Mom coughed Isaac and got him ready.  He is so happy when he wakes up!I got to go with Jillian today to VBS.  We heard the story of the Good Samaritan and Jillian and I got to be the priest who walked by and didn’t help the man. We played Blob tag and made a cool sun catcher during craft time. Tomorrow I will go with Isaac.  After VBS we had to go grocery shopping.  Isaac and Jillian’s Mom took us to Meijer and we were there a long time! We tried to convince her to let us get more fish for our aquarium, but she said we had to ask Daddy. I rode in the Max Easy Stroller with Isaac and Jillian pushed us around. Now Jillian is sitting up with Isaac and me and we are watching PBS until dinner is ready. Tonight I get to sleep with Jillian.

July 12, 2006

Up early again today. I got to go with Isaac to VBS.  They talked about obeying your parents.  During game time I played Sharks and Minnows with Isaac. It was a little bumpy on his stroller, but he seemed to like it!  We also got to make our own play doh and a scratch art bookmark. Isaac had a nice girl named Maddie help us.  After VBS we went over to Isaac and Jillian’s cousin’s house.  Their names are Makalah and Colin, we had lunch with them and then played house. Now I am playing a video game with Isaac and Jillian. Isaac and I are mostly just cheering Jillian on. She’s not very good at any of the games. Isaac said she doesn’t really like to play she only does it for him.   Next, Isaac’s Mommy said we have to clean the house, since they are hosting Family Bible Study tonight. I guess I will get to meet even more kids! YIPPEE!



July 13, 2006

Off to VBS again this morning. I got to go with Jillian again.  It sure was hot today!  I heard one man say it was 95 degrees.  We even had the power go out a few times. Luckily Isaac wasn’t in the elevator at those times.  Jillian let me help her make a cool rain stick.

After VBS we went over to their friends house for a picnic.  We ended up eating inside, because it was too hot for Isaac. The rest of the kids played outside after lunch, but Isaac and I stayed inside and played miniature golf with his Mom.  The best part of the visit was getting to ride their golf cart. Isaac and I sat up with his Mom and we rode all around their land.  It sure was lots of fun. Isaac didn’t want to get out, but the rest of the kids wanted to ride too!  After we got home, Jillian and her cousins got in their little pool in the backyard. Isaac and I watched under an umbrella. They only splashed us a little.

July 14, 2006

Our last day of VBS!  I got to go with Isaac again.  A friend from their church came to take care of Isaac and me during class. Her name was Miss Elise and she was very nice.  Isaac’s Mom was helped out in the craft room, so she was always close by. After class they had a big picnic to celebrate the end.  We had hot dogs, watermelon, chips, ice cream and popcorn.  Isaac and I took our own plate of food and then shared it with Jillian and his cousins. They also had a big bounce house and slip-n-slides set up for kids to play with.  Isaac and I just watched, but we did get to make some more cool crafts.  We were both really tired when we got home.  In the evening we went out to dinner to celebrate Isaac’s Mom’s Birthday, along with her twin sister Beck and her family.  We ate a Carrabas.  It was VERY good. Then we came back to the house to have cake and open presents.   It was another HOT day today!  Deb (Isaac’s Mom) left early this morning to go to a FSMA chapter meeting.  They are organizing a golf outing for August.  I stayed back with Isaac and Jillian. We cleaned the bathrooms and fish tank.  We also fed the hermit crabs.  In the afternoon they all got in the pool.  I watched from a beach chair.  Isaac’s Daddy, Arden, held Isaac and they worked on getting him to move his legs and arms a little. Jillian and her Mommy made up shows for us to watch with underwater tricks. Afterwards I helped them clean out their storage room.  The kids found their Easy Bake Oven and wanted to play with it. So, Isaac, Jillian and I made chips and cheese for everyone with it.  Tomorrow Deb said we could try brownies in it!  Off to bed with Isaac. He’s got a nasty rattle, so he is busy getting coughed and using his IPV. I sure hope it doesn’t develop into a full-blown bug!

July 16, 2006

Isaac is busy napping right now, so I am sitting here with Deb.  I got to see DeVos Children’s Hospital with Isaac this morning. His G and J tube became completely blocked, so I went with them to the Emergency Room.  The doctors there were very nice and got Isaac in immediately so we didn’t have to wait with other people who were sick.  The radiologist knew Isaac and got his tube replaced pretty quickly. Isaac didn’t even cry. Today, he’s been having trouble breathing again, so he is back on his vent. His Mom said he is running a fever today too. I guess the week of VBS, has finally caught up with him.  Jillian has been gone swimming at a friend’s house all day.  It is really hot out. I guess the heat index puts the temperature well over 100 degrees!We’ll be staying inside.  I sure have enjoyed visiting the Postma’s – but I’m off to meet the Grisez Family in Colorado tomorrow. YEAH!  I love the mountains.