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December 23, 2005


Mr. Bear arrived at the Williams Family Household -- Brrr!! It sure is COLD in Michigan! Today is Suzanne's birthday and we went out to eat at Longhorn's Steakhouse. I passed on the filet mignon and lobster tail Suzanne had, but the salmon filet sure looked good to me!

December 24, 2005


Christmas Eve! I went to church with the Williams for the 6:30pm family service. They don't go to the 11pm candlelight service because that delays Santa's arrival! I took pictures with Kevin & Erinne by the Christmas tree. Erinne even allowed me to sit in her wheelchair for a picture. WOW -- what a splashy ride!

December 25, 2005


MERRY CHRISTMAS!! The marooning didn't start too early at the Williams house. Erinne & Suzanne were the last ones up at 8:45am. We had a blast opening presents! Erinne got a portable DVD player (which didn't work, and has to be returned to the store :-( and about 12 DVDs. She also got tools, a slot car race track, Magnetix, Mario Superstar Baseball game for Game Cube and a bunch of other stuff. Kevin got an MP-3 player, which his rabbit promptly chewed through the earphones (and Suzanne was pretty mad!) Claire & Steve got tickets to a Red Wings hockey game (which are hard to come by!) I even got a couple of presents! I got a Steve Yzerman hockey player figurine and a butterfly magnet that was made by Stacey Haq! These gifts will be traveling with me to my next visit at the SMA Family homes. I am also taking a bell from the Polar Express. Do you believe?

December 27, 2005


Kevin's hockey tournament started! Boy - that is a FAST game! And loud! Kevin is #14 on the Westland Jets team. He is a big guy on the ice and sure does hit hard! OUCH!!

December 28, 2005


After another hockey game, Suzanne & I went to Bill Saville's parents' house, which is about 1 hour 20 min from the Williams' house. Stacy, bill, Zeke and Clayton are in town, visiting with Bill's family. We got to meet all of the aunts, uncles and cousins. I got to listen to Bill, Stacy and Suzanne tell Morgan stories which made everyone smile. I loved the story about "Angry Eyebrows." The Savilles will be coming to Kevin's next game tomorrow, and will see Erinne then.

December 29, 2005


We went to ANOTHER hockey game! Boy, are these Williams into hockey! Erinne very patiently explained all of the rules and idiosyncrasies of hockey to Stacy. Stacy was amazed that Erinne knew so much about hockey. Suzanne told Stacy that there isn't much else to do in Michigan! Afterward, we went out to Ruby Tuesday's for some dessert. Clayton spent part of the evening trying to karate chop Kevin. And Kevin was enjoying Clayton immensely! Liz Orvis joined us at the hockey game and went with us to Ruby Tuesday's afterward. We lost track of the time and left the restaurant at midnight!!  Before the hockey game, I went to Erinne's occupational therapy (OT) appointment, and met her OT, Val. Val is just the nicest person! She has been working on Erinne's contracture in her left elbow and left hand. Erinne couldn't supinate her left hand very far, nor straighten out her arm fully. Val has done a great job getting Erinne's arm fixed!

December 30, 2005


Hockey, hockey and more hockey! If I spend much more time in an ice rink, I may have to go into my hibernation mode! It's cold in there - even with my coat and hat on! Erinne doesn't seem to mind in the least. She says her turtleshell and Snug Suit keep her warm! Although Suzanne did say Erinne's feet were like Popsicles!

I am off to the Potter family tomorrow!


January 4, 2006


Today I arrived at the Potter house.  They didn't let me out immediately because Murphy was napping and they wanted her to open me!  She sure enjoyed playing with me. 


She kept pushing me around in her doll stroller. 




We went to Murphy's Memere's house for dinner.  She made us some soup.  Tomorrow is a big day - Murphy's first birthday!  Her party will be on Saturday.


January 5, 2006

Happy Birthday to Murphy!  She woke up at 8am (about an hour later than her usual time!)  We opened a present right away to celebrate.  She got a set of Fridge Phonics.  Thanks to Lily for the idea!  We will have some cake on Saturday at her party.

January 6, 2006

Today is Friday.  We don't have any major plans yet.  Murphy's grandparents went to Boston and they picked up a keychain and a post card for my travels.

January 7, 2006

Today we celebrated Murphy's birthday.  There were loads of people here and we spent a lot of time playing with her new toys.  We had some cake and a lot of other yummy food too!

January 8, 2006


Today we took a ride in Murphy's new sled.  There is a lot of snow here in Massachusetts and we stayed outside for over an hour playing in it!  We made sure to keep mittens and hats and warm blankets on me and on Murphy so that neither of us got cold.  Murphy's mom made some hot cocoa with marshmallows when we got back inside.  Mmmmm!


January 9, 2006

Today Murphy's mom had a doctor's appt.  I stayed behind with Murphy to play with her aunt, "Tante Celia".  I learned that Tante is the French word for Aunt.  We had a good time playing and then we took a nap together.  Murphy's mom got home shortly after that.

January 10, 2006

Today I will accompany Murphy to her 1 year well check appt. at the pediatrician's office.  Her mom promised me a lolli pop if I behaved!  Of course we all know I'll be great company.  After that, I will say Goodbye to the Potters and it's off to visit the Sanchez Family!  Louisiana, here I come!



January 13, 2006

Guess What - today I arrived in "LouisianaĒ! I am at the home of the "Sanchez FamilyĒ. I was so very happy when "Destiny" opened up my box. The first thing she did was giggle as she started loving on me. I arrived just in time to see Destiny's wheelchair get some new modifications added to it. And boy is it a pretty chair (pink & purple) I cannot wait to take a spin in it with her. I had fun getting a tour of Destiny's house; my favorite room is her room! I also had fun playing today with Destiny's new pet Guinea Pig named "PatchesĒ. Later this afternoon Destiny's daddy got home from work, her found us snuggled up in his recliner, it has been really cold & windy her today so we have been keeping indoors where it is nice & warm. I had a fun night visiting with Destiny's Pa-Paw, Aunt Kim, Uncle Danny & little cousin Haley. We all had a yummy supper together. When it was time for Destiny to go to bed, I got to sleep all snuggled up in her arms. I was so happy & so tired from my trip that I feel sound asleep!


January 14, 2006


Destiny & I slept late this morning; guess we were both in need of some rest. I helped Destiny's Mommy give Destiny her morning medicines. Boy! Destiny is sure a big girl too. She is so brave! Then I got to help Destiny feed her 4 fish and her Guinea Pig. Afterwards Destiny and I sat down on the floor to watch some TV and eat some yummy breakfast. Destiny's Mommy said we both are little piggies, cause Destiny & I love to eat. (LOL) We spent most of the day just playing together. Then we had fun having a taco; get together with some of Destiny's Mommy & Daddy's friends & their little baby. Destiny & me sure have become good buddies. She carries me everywhere. I love-love it!



January 15, 2006

I got to have my very first Tea Party today! Destiny, and two of her Bear friends (Jessica & Rainbow) and I had a little tea party. We had ham & cheese sandwiches, white grape juice, Oreoís, Cheetos, & vanilla pudding. I have to say I do love tea parties!


January 17, 2006


Shopping - Shopping & more shopping. We went shopping today. Destiny's Mom brought me some stuff to add to my box from Louisiana. Then we went out to eat, Destiny's Daddy let Destiny pick out the place. She picked Chinese. It was the first time for me to eat Chinese & I really liked it. Destiny got to buy a new game while shopping and she picked out GUESS WHO game, can't wait to play it with her Wednesday. Destiny's Mommy told us about another little SMA child named Payton Freeman who earned his wings. So, Destiny & I lit a candle in his honor tonight.


January 18, 2006


I LOVE HOMESCHOOL! I got to watch & learn too while Destiny had her home school lessons. She is very smart. Her favorite class is Math. After all Destiny's lessons were completed we got to color together and play Destiny's new game. Destiny seems to always to have fun!!  I also got to play in Destiny's pretty playhouse!!


January 19, 2006   


Can I cry? Today, I had to be packed up and shipped to another home. I am sad to leave because Destiny is sad, but I have to leave. But, I am happy also because we had a good time together. So, it's off to visit Jeni in Kentucky. Destiny placed several Louisiana souvenirs with me in my box for everyone to get a sample of Louisiana. "Let the traveling begin"....



January 24, 2006

Iím FINALLY here! I think my box is getting smaller and smaller every time itís time to go somewhere new. It was really nice to get out and see Annah and Krystan. They were really happy to see me too.

I havenít gotten this many snuggles sinceÖ.  Well , since I left Destiny! (There have been no shortage of bear hugs since my journey began!). 




I was really, really tired after such a long trip (I donít sleep well in a box), so Annah and Krystan tucked me into the most comfy cradle. Annahís MawMaw made it specially for her so that she can reach it from her chair. The girls rocked me and I had a beary good nap!

After my nap the girls and I played and watched the Disney channel. It gave me a headache! Miss Jeni and Annah agree that I just might need glasses. I wonder how Iíll lookÖÖ


January 25, 2006

Today was a big day for such a little bear! We sent Krystan off to school and got all ready for our day.



Miss Jeni scheduled me an eye exam so it was off to the eye doctor. He was really nice and it didnít hurt at all.


I had to look through these BEARY big glasses and tell him which way looked better about a million times.



Then I had to pick out some glasses! I think they  make me look quite sophisticated. When we got home Annah told me how smart I looked.

Then we got ready for Annahís homebound teacher to come. Itís a good thing I looked smart because it made me FEEL smart too. Annah was learning about math, so I did some math of my own Ė SMA Support Gathering math.

Miss Laura probably already knows how to do this kind of math too!

After schoolwork was done we just hung out. These girls sure do love the Disney channel!

January 26, 2006


Today is Annahís 10th birthday! She sure is hard to wake up. I jumped on her bed and sat on her and she STILL didnít wake up.

I just hung out in her chair for a while until Miss Jeni made her get up. It was kind of funny to watch! Annah went to her MawMawís house today because Miss Jeni had school.


I got to go with her to visit Western Kentucky University! I LOVED my transportation and I got lots of pats and even questions about SMA. I got kind of bored waiting for International PR to start, so I decided to hang out with some of the other PR majors in the class. They were SO nice to me. Iím glad I have a picture to remind me of them.

After that class we went up to FAC (the fine arts center) and had a few minutes to hang out outside before class. I enjoyed the public speaking class although I was just a little bit shy. Then we went up to Cherry Hall so I could see the statue of Henry Hardin Cherry.

I  had my picture taken with him too (even though we werenít technically supposed to go inside the chain!) and then I read my Herald on the steps before it was time to go.



After school we picked up Krystan  from her school and went to her dance class. Then we made a quick trip to Wal-Mart. Iíve been a little embarrassed running around all over the country with a ďbearĒ bottom, so Krystan wanted to get me some new pants. I LOVE the fact that my tail isnít cramped and they will go with anything.



After that we went back to MawMawís house for Annahís birthday dinner. These people sure do know how to cook!

I had a beary big plate of country ham, green beans, mashed taters and mac & cheese and rinsed it all down with an RC (which used to be bottled right here in Bowling Green!)

After that we played with Annahís new Amazing Amanda doll for a little while before heading home for bed. I was SOOOO tired!


January 27, 2006


Since Miss Jeni had to be in school all day yesterday, she and Annah had BIG plans for today. They were going to shop, have lunch and see a movie. Annah just wouldnít get up!



We didnít have time to do much, but we did get in some shopping at Annahís favorite store Ė Limited Too.


That girl is a pro. She only needed 30 minutes to spend all of her birthday money!



She even got me a special ďI Love ShoppingĒ button to wear.


After our quick shopping trip we had to pick up Krystan from school. Annah got to see a few of her friends for a minute. She hasnít gotten to see any of them since before Christmas because she was sick.

Then it was off to the performing arts studio! On Fridays Annah has a vocal lesson and Krystan has another dance lesson.


I really loved hearing Annah sing. I canít wait until she FINALLY gets some of her songs recorded!





January 28, 2006 

Today was pretty slow. I spent most of the morning helping Miss Jeni finalize plans for a surprise trip to Disneyworld. They are going for spring break in April. Oh I wish I could go too! Miss Jeni promised to send me pictures and maybe even a souvenir.

After that I helped with some housework and watched tv and played. Like I said, it was a pretty slow day!

January 29, 2006


Am -- Itís party time!!!!!! Iím so excited. Today is Annah and Krystanís birthday party at the skating rink.



PM Ė Oooh Iím tired! We had so much fun skating. I rode on Annahís lap and we pulled lots of people around and even did some doughnuts.

The cake was pretty good, but I was waiting to get to the presents. I knew what was in that last one and could bearly contain myself.




Miss Jeni wrapped a suitcase with Mickey Mouse barbies and vacation planning stuff inside it.


It took Annah and Krystan a few minutes to figure out what it meant, but oh my gosh when they did! My poor ears!

I have to get some sleep!

January 30, 2006

We were all worn out today and Miss Jeni didnít feel beary well. She had a headache and didnít sleep well so she made us play quietly while she did economics homework and made phone calls. We found out that the last part for Annahís new wheelchair got approved, so Miss Jeni made another phone call and it is officially being ordered. We got to cheer for a whole ten minutes before we had to be quiet again! Iím not used to being quiet in this house. If it werenít for all of the snuggles I would have been so bored! Iím getting extra love because everyone knows I have to leave tomorrow. They say they will miss me, but they are so glad that Iíll be with Madison Reed for her birthday. Tonight Iím going to snuggle Annah tight. Tomorrow morning Iíll get some last minute hugs in before itís time to leave. I dread getting back into that box, but Miss Jeni promised to send me overnight or 2nd day so it wonít be soooo beary long!

January 30, 2006

Well, after one last snuggle, here I am on my way to visit Miss Madison in Ohio!

February 2, 2006


I made it! I am at Madison Reed's house in Dublin, Ohio (which is a suburb of Columbus- home of the buckeyes). I arrived safe inside my box wrapped in my blanket around 2 PM. Madison's mom Annette knew right away that it was me. She brought the box into Madison and she couldn't wait for her to open it. I could hear her giggle. I played peek-a- boo with Madison when I came out of my box-cause I was wrapped tightly in my blanket. I said "surprise!!!!!" Madison giggled even more. She was in her bedroom on her bipap machine, resting in her bed cause she had been sick recently. (She didn't want to talk about that. ) Madison wanted to see everything in my box and read my journal first. She couldn't believe all the fun places I had been already.  Madisonís mom brought me an SMA Awareness pin to go on my shirt. Madison said I HAD to have one.

Then Miss Lori came. She is Madison's O.T from school.

We then got to read a fun lift the flap book with Tami. I like Tami- sheís funny, crazy and cute. I took my picture with her, Madison and my valentine. Then Tami had to go- I begged her to stay. But she said she had a meeting and will be back on Saturday. I canít wait for Saturday!

She brought fun books for Madison to read with her. My favorite book was a felt activity book of Goldilocks and the 3 bears. We got to act out the story with felt character pieces. I even took a picture with the book. Madison then gave me a key chain with a bear on it to keep in my box that says "Hugs from Madison".

Its now 6 PM and Madison needs to get her aerosol treatments and Annette will read more of my journal. Aunt Shell (Michelle) had to finish reading it while Madison got her ďsilly shakingĒ done. Madison stayed off bipap just for me so we could take our picture together and Madison could give me better and bigger hugs and kisses.

After Miss Lori left, Tami, Madison's home school teacher arrived. We got to make a valentine craft. Madison made me one to keep in my box with me.

She told me that she doesn't like to wear her glasses and thought that I didnít need to wear mine either. Madison thinks I look cuter without my glasses on so I left them off. Madison then introduced me to some of her dolls. You would be amazed- Madisonís bed is filled with  SO MANY dolls and stuffed animals! I got introduced to Madisonís My Twin doll; Rose, and her Friend 2B dolls named Lilly, Lizzie, Hilary Duff, Madison  and London.  Lucky me-I got to take my picture with all of these beautiful girls. It sure is the ďgirls roomĒ here!

I got to meet Madisonís dad Carl and her big brother Kenny. Kenny put me up on his shoulder and his dad took our picture.

Kenny was very nice to me and was happy I came to visit.  He doesnít want to take me to school with him though. Oh well!

Hilary really likes me and even flirted with me by sneaking up and putting her hat on my head. Madisonís mom took our picture.  At 8 PM a few students from the high school Madisonís dad teaches at came by to give Madison a birthday present. She got a CD of songs from a movie called High School Musical. Madison was soooooo happy! I got to tell my story to the kids and they took their picture with me. They are going to share the pictures with some other kids at school!

After the movie, Madison got tired and worried and went back on her bipap. That was the longest she had stayed off her bipap since before she got sick. I hope I had something to do with that. Her mom was so proud of her-ME TOO! Madison got another respiratory treatment,
ďsilly-shakingĒ, cough assist (that machine is scary) and then we washed up and brushed our teeth together.

I am sooooo tired.  Madison is a busy girl! I am going to sleep on the couch  in Madisonís room with Madisonís mom tonight. Madison sleeps with all her dolls and Rose sleeps right next to her. Rose has been sick with Madison too and she is still recovering so needs to be next to Madison. Its ok- they gave me a BIG Cinderella blanket. Iíll be dreaming of beautiful princesses tonight.

I finally got to sleep at 11:30 PM watching Mary Poppins.


February 3, 2006

I woke up at 9:31 AM- Madison woke me up. Her mom said she never wakes up this early. I think she was excited to play with me again. While Madison was doing her morning respiratory treatment, we watched Bear In The Big Blue House Visits the Doctor and I ate breakfast in bed with Madison. I ate toast, strawberries, orange slices and drank a yummy pineapple drink.

After we washed up and brushed our teeth, Madison had to show me how good she is on the computer. She even can do it lying down in bed. I can only imagine how good she can do it sitting up in her chair. She has a special mouse she uses called an Easy-Cat. Madison let me try it, but I did BAAAAD!

So I just watched Madison and her mom brought me some popcorn to eat. I got soooo excited that I almost fell into the bowl. Annette took my picture.

All of a sudden, I heard this strange rooster call like Peter Pan does. I jumped up and thought maybe it was Peter Pan. But it wasnít, it was Madisonís Uncle Anthony. He always yells that when he comes to visit Madison- he likes to pretend to be Peter Pan. I also got to meet Madisonís Grandma Rosie, Papa Moon and godfather Eddie. They came from Youngstown, Ohio to celebrate Madisonís birthday with her tomorrow. They showed Madison her Sleeping Beauty Birthday cake.

It was soooo beautiful! 

Right now its 5 PM and Madison is done with her treatment and is off bipap. She is helping me write in my journal. Iíll check back in later.

Its now 11:30PM. Madison did her treatment and we just got done washing up. She says sheís not tired yet. Man- I donít know how she couldnít be tired after playing on the computer ALL evening.  I am exhausted! 

But, I am getting better at playing the games and using her mouse. What fun! I am now settled in my bed holding one of Madisonís balloons.

It happens to be a butterfly balloon that my friend Annah sent Madison when Madison was in the hospital. Madisonís uncle added more helium to it so she could enjoy it for her birthday too. I told Madison,  Annah wanted me to make sure I wished her a Happy Birthday- so I did!

There are balloons all over her bedroom right now. We are watching Mary Poppins again cause Annette thinks it will make Madison fall asleep. It sure worked last night!

Me again- It is 12:30AM! That's right on Saturday Feb. 4th. I am NOW just going to get to go to sleep. Madison is finally asleep. I think she wanted to wait till midnight and ring in her birthday. Her brother, uncle, godfather and aunt came in her room just a little while ago and threw balloons on her and sang Happy Birthday. Here's a picture.

Right after they left ,Madison fell asleep. Iíd better get some winks in now too-I think its going to be a busy day!

February 4, 2006- Saturday

Well, it HAS been a busy day!!!!!! Madison and I slept in till 11 AM. We woke up to MORE balloons everywhere. Madison sure did SMILE and giggle when she saw them all around her. I ate oatmeal and watched some TV with Madison while she was getting her morning treatment done. She was going to take a bath in the tub but decided to have a bed bath instead.

Madison got lots of phone calls today. One of the phone calls came from my friend Lily who I visited with in Kentucky. She called to wish Madison a Happy Birthday. Madison had a HUGE smile on her face when Lily called. Madison had lots of visitors today too and they even brought her cool gifts. She loved seeing everyone. One small bummer though- Tami didn't come today.

She called and said she couldn't come today cause her grandma was sick. She's coming on Tuesday -sure hope I'm still here then!

Later on in the evening after a yummy dinner by Aunt Shell (pasta and ribs) , Madison came off bipap and came out of her room to a big birthday celebration. MORE decorations and balloons everywhere!!!! I got to wear a princess party hat and got to take my picture with Madison's sleeping beauty cake and a few princesses.

After singing happy Birthday and blowing out the candles, (several times i might add) there were confetti  streamers thrown out all over us. That was soooo cool!

I had fun with the streamers-check out my pic!

The cake and ice cream were awesome too! Madison opened up some gifts and we played a game with a balloon (kinda like volleyball) with Kenny. Madison was sooo happy! 

At about 9 PM Madison got a little tired. We went back to her room and looked at a 3D fairy book she had just gotten. It was sooo cool. We started to watch a Barbie 3D movie  but then Madison wanted to watch  Drake and Josh instead. Boy am I glad she changed her mind- Drake and Josh are more my kind of show. It was a new episode and boy were they ever funny!

Well, thatís about all for today-its midnight and Iím going to bed! HAPPY 9th BIRTHDAY MADISON!

 I am so glad I got to spend the day with you!


February 5, 2006

Well today was kind of a laid back, take it easy day.

Madison and I watched some TV shows, read some books, listened to some music, sang and did the computer. 

I have to tell you though-I am so proud of Madison-she got her courage up to take a bath in the bath tub for the first time since the day she went to the hospital. She has been so afraid, nervous and worried cause she thought that taking a bath caused her to get sicker and put her in the hospital.  She has been doing so well off bipap recently and Annette thought it was time. She had a new toy all ready for her to play with. Its a really neat fish that swims and turns all over. It was great until the fishís tail got caught in Madison's long hair (boy does she have long hair). Madisonís dad had to cut a piece of her hair to get the fish out. She wasnít happy about that cause she does not like her hair to get cut. Anyway, Madison did very well- no problem! I think she really enjoyed it too. 

So, that's why we kinda just hung out the rest of the day.  Before we knew it , it was time to get ready for bed.

I love hanging out with Madison!

February 6, 2006

11 AM began our day. During Madison's morning routine I ate a good breakfast of fruit and a bagel, while we watched the movie Parent Trap-too funny! Annette was busy interviewing a new nurse and showing her Madison's care. She seemed nice and Madison said she could come back next week. We then finished watching the movie after she left. Madison stayed off bipap too.

We even got to listen to a  book on tape -that was neat cause it really sounded like you were listening to the REAL little girl in the story talk.

After Madisonís next treatment she came off bipap and got up in her kid kart. She took me on a tour of her house. First stop was the living room or ďwhite roomĒ as Madison calls it. Annette calls it the angel room.

There was stuff every where in this room. Annette explained that they were doing a fundraiser for SMA on March 11th. and that all the ďstuffĒ was auction items that had been donated and needed logged, framed or put together in a basket. I took my picture with a few auction items- you can see me with a cute OSU cheerleader bear I fell in LOVE with. Wish I was going to that auction-Iíd pay big bucks to bid on her!

Not much to see downstairs so we went upstairs to see Kennyís new bed.  I sat on his bed. His room is MESSY.


He has a sports room and I took my picture in front of the BIG BLOCK O painted on his wall. 

GO BUCKS! Had to get that out of my system- that's all they say here!



Madison gave me one of the event postcards with her picture on it to keep in my box.  I then got to take my picture with some more of Madisonís dolls- her American girl collection. Boy she has lots of dolls!





Kenny has lots of fun things to play with. Madison and I played bumper pool and then i played some mini lacrosse with Kenny.



Back downstairs, Madison decided to get adventurous and take me for a short ride in her power chair.

She drove really well for not being up and in her chair for over a month. We were all so proud of her.


Madison went back on bipap for about 1/2 an hour than came off again for school.


Madison has another home school teacher named Miss Kathy. She has a southern accent and is so sweet. I got to take my picture with her and a book we read on measurements.

Back to her room and back on bipap. More computer fun next. Madison showed me some more games and web sites that she likes. Man can she surf the net!

Madison was worn out by 11 PM but she had to finish her treatment before we could wash up, brush our teeth and go to bed. Another fun day at Madisonís house!


February 7, 2006

Same morning routine for Madison. We woke up at 11AM. I ate oatmeal while watching Madisonís favorite movie- The Lizzie McGuire Movie. She sure LOVES Hilary Duff- her pictures are everywhere and Madison even got to meet her. Her Hilary ,Friend 2B doll , even has Hilaryís real voice in it with a special message to Madison. That Hilary doll LOVES me too!

At lunch , Rose and I had a picnic with Madison on her bed. Madison prepared sandwiches, fruit, vegetables and even dessert. Yummy! After lunch, Rose and I went horse back riding on Roseís new horse, Belle. We had to take turns. I got my picture taken on Belle. She is a very gentle horse! It was fun.

Madisonís friend Dani came over after school. We ate popcorn and played  a game called Scene It. I didnít know too many of the movies in that game. 

You are never going to believe this but I got to go with Aunt Shell to The Ohio State University. I met Dr. Arthur Burghes and some of the other OSU SMA researchers.

I got my picture taken with lots of them. I even got my picture taken with some of the SMA mice. I got a tour of the lab and even got to help out on some of the research going on. I sure hope Iíve helped my SMA friends.

Dr. Burghes took us to another building where the clinical drug trial is taking place. I met Dr. John Kissel there. He gave me a  little checkup. No worries- I am fit to travel more. I got to meet 2 other SMA kids and took my picture with them.  They were very happy to meet me. They didnít know about me but maybe  now Iíll get to go visit them again at their house. Aunt Shell said we may go back tomorrow. I sure hope so.

Oh-I missed Tami today since I was at the research lab but  Madison said MJ emailed and said I get to stay longer-YEAH!   So now Iíll see Tami on Thursday. Madison had dinner ready for me when I got back -tacoís, hot dogs, broccoli and pie for dessert. Oh yeah-juicy juice to drink. I got stuffed. 

We played with some of Madisonís new toys and watched a new Raven movie till bedtime. (oh by the way- Madison got to meet Raven too.) Madison stayed off bipap a lot longer today so she got tired out faster this evening. I was more tired too cause of my exciting outing to OSU today. WOW- just think-I may have helped to find a cure for my SMA friends! Iím gonna sleep good tonight!


February 8, 2006

Madison took a bath after her morning respiratory treatment. She got to play with some new bath toys-little dolls in animal floats.  She looked like she was having fun. I wanted to jump right in but I canít get my fur wet.

Miss Christina the school speech therapist came and brought a huge princess activity book just for Madison.  Madison had to repeat words from the book or ask for things using all the sounds she could or sheíd have to try again.  She didnít mind repeating herself. 

Miss Kathy came and we measured all kinds of things in Madisonís room. She brought big and little rulers for us to use.  That was kinda fun. They even measured ME! Then Miss Kathy got out some books to read. They were silly.

In the evening Madison showed me some more games to play on the computer. We took it easy and watched some TV the rest of the evening.

February 9, 2006

I woke up at 10:30 AM. Madison thought she was going to go back to sleep but she didn't. So we ate breakfast. I had an egg sandwich, a waffle, bacon, cantaloupe and juicy-juice. We watched My Little Pony, The Princess Promenade.

Miss Lori Madison's school O.T. came. She read pop up books and lift the flap books. And then TAMI came! And I asked her, "Tami will you marry me?"  She said, "Well, let's see. Are you here for only one more week?"  I said, "Yes."  Tami said, "Well, I.....yes"  We had a wedding and I got to take a wedding picture with Tami. M She did not want to take the picture, but we did. She wore a veil and carried roses. She sure looked pretty. I wore a black tie. 

For my lunch I had a super-duper double stack ham and cheese sandwich, pretzels, watermelon and juicy-juice.  After I finished my lunch, Madison, Tami and I worked on reading.


Aunt Shell got me a buckeye necklace (that's the big thing here to wear to football games) and a Brutus Buckeye key chain that says ďhug meĒ. I took my picture with an autographed mini football helmet that is going in the auction. 

Madison got beautiful roses and daisies. The roses are called raphael roses (angel roses)-Madisonís roses.  I had to take my picture with them-they are HUGE!

Madison then had a cooking class with Chef Shell.  She made yummy sandwiches and then we ate pizza too! Oh my!

I watched Madison draw pictures and then we watched a movie. Time for bed-Iím worn out!


February 10, 2006

Madison and I slept in till 11 AM today. Madison got her aerosols started. We watched a new Holly Hobbie show on Nick Jr. while I ate breakfast. After cleaning up and brushing our teeth I helped Madison do her valentines for her class at school. She had some cool heart stickers that I got to put on the envelopes. It was fun.

Tami didnít come today. Her grandma had to go back to the hospital and she wasnít doing very well. I wonít get to see her again and I didnít get to say good-bye. Madison will tell her for me and I know Tami will read my journal on SMA Support.  Sheíll miss me!

Madison wanted to do the computer after her evening treatment. She showed me how she can draw pictures on the computer besides playing games. We even emailed some of her friends.

Well today went by fast. We just hung out and did lots of activities. Somehow though, I donít think I took any pictures (again). Good night!

February 11, 2006

Madison woke up at 6 AM to go to the bathroom and then she couldn't go back to sleep. ( I didn't wake up.) Annette put Mary Poppins on (thinking Madison would fall asleep like she usually does) BUT Madison watched the whole movie before going back to sleep at 9 AM. We both slept till 12 NOON!!!!! We had brunch while watching Barbie The Magic of Pegasus. Madison didn't want to watch it in 3D this time.

Madison took a bath and her dad watched the fish this time so it didn't get caught in her hair. It was fun to watch Madison play and exercise in the bath tub.

Dani- Madison's friend came over and they played lots of girl games. I went out to the "white room" and jumped into a picture with Madison's dad, Karen and Jamie. Karen and Jamie help Madison's mom with the big fundraiser. They took a picture to send to the newspaper announcing the fundraiser.

Dani and Madison played some more games till Dani had to leave with her mom. Daniís mom is Karen. Karen has been here every day. She is a BIG help to Annette.

After Madisonís treatment we played on the computer.

I ate a really good pasta dinner with cheese, chicken and spinach.  I drank limeade in a really cool light up glass.

Madison can taste food but she canít swallow and so she gets her food through a feeding tube. She said she likes pasta but with red sauce only.  My pasta had a cheesy white sauce on it.

Annette told Madison I only had 2 more nights to sleep with her so Madison decided I could sleep in her bed with her tonight. Rose is not sick anymore and she was going to sleep with London so she gave me her spot. Rose is so nice! 

Well, its bedtime and were watching some TV to help us fall asleep since we got up late. Writing in my journal always gets me a little sleepy-YAWN!!!!

February 12, 2006

Well we slept in AGAIN! Madison's bed is soooo cozy!

I ate toast and a cream puff while watching ZoŽ's Dance Moves. Madison and I danced along with ZoŽ. We had so much fun that we watched it and danced 2 more times. Whew- I might need a nap!!!!!!

Madison is drawing pictures again. I'm helping her get markers and turning the page for her. She sure likes to draw and does very well.

Annette is getting my box ready to ship me out tomorrow

Madison is sad that I am leaving. Iím sad too. 

We have had sooooo much fun together.

Oh nooooo. Annette is coming at me with the cytolog.  Sheís been giving that stuff to me (and Madison) so I donít get sick on my travels. Iíll update again later.

Aunt Shell made chicken chili for dinner-wow-that was good!!!!!  We watched Bambi II this evening. It was so cute!   A few TV shows while Madison got her bedtime treatment then we washed up and went to bed.  I got to sleep next to Madison again in her bed. Sooooo nice!

February 13, 2006

Madison said I had to eat oatmeal this morning to keep my stomach full and warm for my long trip. That was a good idea cause I'm stuffed! Good thing bears know how to hibernate too.

Madison made me a little friend bear out of pipe cleaners to keep me company on my trip. He's soft!

Well, I took my picture with a few other bears who were traveling to OSU as gifts for the kids in the Project Cure SMA trial. At least they will have a bear to snuggle with in case they get lonely or scared while they are here. There are some neat surprises for them tucked away in the bears heart too. Madison thinks of everything!


I got lots of hugs and snuggles from Madison today. I HATED to say good-bye!


Sadly, I had to jump back in my box. 

Madison was glad I was at least traveling next to see her friend sweet William in Georgia. Madison put a valentine in my box for William asking him to be her Valentine-too cute!


Well, Iím snuggled tightly in my blanket and off to GA!  Nap time! BYE MADISON- I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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