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April 24, 2006

I arrived at Kaitlyn’s house just in time to celebrate Kaitlyn’s 4th birthday.  I was tired so I had a nap with Kaitlyn.  After I woke up, I went to visit Liam (7 ½ yrs old SMA free) at his school.  His classmates were really interested in me and SMA.  In my box I have some pins from Canada and Sangudo, a postcard, Canada flag sticker, Canada Post pencil sharpener and lots of stuff from Northern Gateway school division (the school Liam and Kaitlyn attend).  When I got back to Kaitlyn’s house, she was having school with her aid.  Then once Liam got home from school, the PARTY began!  We celebrated with Hali + John (mom and dad), Oma Debby, Aunta Kim, Uncle Mostafa, Great Oma and Opa Johnson, Tracey (Kaitlyn’s nurse), Big Brother Liam and 2 little friends. It was so much fun.  The big highlight was Kaitlyn blowing out her candles!!!   I had a great first day at Kaitlyn and Liam’s place at Sangudo, Alberta.  P.S. I unloaded some of my box.  I sent along presents for Liam and Kaitlyn from the MacIntyres.

April 25, 2006

Today is a bit of a sad day.  Liam and Hali are leaving for Disneyworld.  Liam’s Make-A-Wish was to go to Disneyworld.  Liam had a rare type of cancer.  He is now o.k.!!!  Today Hali is going to spend the day with Kaitlyn + me.  Tonight Kaitlyn and I are going to watch the Edmonton Oilers on T.V.  This is for the playoff hockey.  “Very important and stressful” says Hali.  The Oilers won in the second overtime period.  It was very late; Kaitlyn and I were already in bed.

April 26, 2006

Today I had school with Kaitlyn and her aid!  We learned the alphabet, played with Kaitlyn’s clock communicator and made a fish out of a paper plate.  Then I had a little nap with Kaitlyn.  When I woke up, Tracey (Kaitlyn’s nurse) read us a book about butterflies.  She then put a tattoo (which really was a sticker) on Kaitlyn’s arm and on my band-aid, so my ouchy feels better!  Then we colored a Dora picture and read a Dora book about potty training.  When new staff arrive for the night shift, (Janice) I asked if I could spend the night with Kaitlyn.  I thought since her mom and big brother were away I could sleep with her.  So I cuddled up for the night with Kaitlyn.  When she was upset we cuddled and watched Strawberry Shortcake.  I held her hand so she wasn’t sad anymore.

April 27, 2006

Today I’m taking a nap with Kaitlyn before her teacher comes.  We are having school again today and I got to meet Kaitlyn’s Health Nurse Deb Grey.  I also got to meet Kaitlyn’s friend Susan, who also cares for her.  Tracy played a farm game with us.  We put magnetic farm animals on a farm background.  Kaitlyn’s dad brought in a baby goat for us to see.  He was so cute!  It had dark brown hair and floppy ears!  He was crying for his mommy but Kaitlyn didn’t cry.  She was a good girl.  Early this morning at 4:00 am Kaitlyn woke up and Janice (Kaitlyn’s care giver) to me to keep her company.  We listened to a Dora C.D. and I held Kaitlyn’s hand.

April 28, 2006

Today I got a gift from Kaitlyn’s teacher.  She made me a sweater and a hat. I really like it and it looks great on me.  Kaitlyn’s Aunt took a picture of us.  We scrapbooked in my diary and Tracy helped us look through all my journeys.

April 29, 2006

Today I had to say goodbye to Kaitlyn.  I had lots of fun but I am excited to see my next family.  Thank you for having me at your house.  Bye Kaitlyn.

May 3, 2006

Mr. Bear arrived this afternoon !!! YEAHHHH !!!


I made it all the way to Winnipeg, and oh my gosh it was good to get out of my box and stretch - I was packed in so tight I couldn't even wiggle a bear toe !  When I got out of my box and looked around, I was kind of surprised, since I thought that I was going to be visiting Kim at work ... but she explained that she's off on "medical leave" because she's hurt from a car accident and can't do her job right now , so she's healing and resting - so I arrived at her Church instead, since she's been spending time there - making the bulletins, and doing lots of reading and talking with people there, including her VERY nice friend Pastor CJ .  Kim, CJ and I went through my box of things ... and some things made Kim cry - she explained that it's because so many amazing people have held me and loved me, and that my journal and my special blanket and all the things in the box were very precious - and that she was overwhelmed with being able to share my journey.  Kim carried me around and introduced me to all the people.  Once I'd met everyone there, we went with Pastor CJ and said some Prayers, and read some of my journal.  Then CJ had to leave, so Kim and I worked a bit on the computer and said hi to more people ( it's pretty busy in there, people are always coming and going ).  Just before we left the Choir director came in, and I really wanted to stay for Choir practice, but Kim said she needed to get us home, so we packed up all my stuff and came to Kim's apartment.  we're going to have dinner, then IM with MJ for a while, then Kim might take me into where she works for a little bit tonight, then bed time, it's been a very busy day ! 

Wednesday Night: (May 3rd)

After we talked to MJ on IM for a little bit Kim decided to take me into work - she had to go fix something with a phone there so I got to come along too !  She introduced me to some of her co-workers, and showed me where she usually works, we even took some pictures while we were there    We looked at some of the network stuff ( there's lots and lots of cables and stuff) , and then we went to her office which was a HUGE mess !  They said it's because they're using it to store things in while Kim's off on leave. We visited with the nice people in the MEC, which is the Music Education Centre, where they teach all kinds of different lessons - I got to help play a Bass Guitar which was fun.  Kim got to tell a few of the students there about SMA and how she got to know all the kids and their families and all about my travels - we even showed them my "Mr Bear website" which they thought was cool !

May 4, 2006

This morning we woke up early because we were going into Church and it's on the other end of town.  I got to see CJ again, and a bunch of other people who thought I was really cute .  After we got all settled in, we went to get the mail and noticed it was SNOWING !  Kim said that was pretty funny, because she says that those snowflakes are a sign from Cole - and it was perfect that  we had snow on my first 'real' morning in Winnipeg ( it's spring here and there's no snow and the flower are coming out so it was a surprise) .  The rest of the day was pretty quiet, we sat together and read for most of the afternoon, then came back to Kim's apt.

May 5, 2006

Today we went in and finished doing the Bulletin for Sunday ( I got to help, and we took more pictures) , and helped organize some things for the Garage sale next week.  In the evening we got to go over to Kim's Sister Debbie's house, and I got to met Debbie's husband Mark/Vince ( Kim says that's a long story, and that it's because there's lots of Vince's in his family so sometimes he's Mark and other times he's Vince lol )   When we got there Mark's mum was over visiting, and so was Kim's mum... so they got to see me, and my travelling blanket and some pics that were on Kim's camera.  I got to go downstairs  and have a singing and piano lesson with Debbie, she's a vocal teacher, has one more year left in University before she graduates- then she's going to teach elementary school music in the school system here which is really cool !  We got home very very late, and went straight to bed.

May 7, 2006

Today I went to Church with Kim and her mum, and met a bunch of kids.  After Church  Kim took me over to visit with her Dad. They get together every Sunday for Brunch at a restaurant called “Moxie’s” then we went to Build-A-Bear and got me a really cool  Canada Baseball cap, and took a picture with me and the some Build-A-Bears!  When we finished shopping we went to the Park – and I got to have my picture taken in front of the Original painting of Winnie the Pooh ( who’s from Winnipeg !!! ).  Then we got some Slurpees and headed home to rest.

May 8, 2006

We were up early today to go to Church, check on some things, and do some work on the bulletin for next week.  We talked with Pastor CJ for a bit, then went to Michael’s ( the craft store)  to pick out craft stuff for Sunday School.  Kim got some stickers and paper for my journal too!  In the afternoon we went home and she cleaned up a bit, and she had to fix her Signaller-transmitter switch for her lights .  The switch that lets her normal apartment lights know to flash had stopped working, so Kim had to take it apart, and re-solder a connection.   Kim’s Hard of Hearing, so because she can’t hear some things, she uses flashing lights instead of sounds to let her know the phone is ringing, or there’s someone at the door – each different type of sound flashes a different pattern so she knows what the ‘sound’ is.   While I’ve been hear I’ve learned a bit about what it’s like having hearing loss, and how to modify everyday things so they’re accessible.   Some times she uses a language called ASL, which is American Sign Language to communicate – she even told me a story in ASL! It was really neat!  Her mum and all the rest of her family have normal hearing, it’s cool because her mum knows ASL too, so they use it when they’re in a noisy place.

May 9, 2006

Today is my last day with Kim … tomorrow I’m getting packed up and sent off to the Saville’s.  Tonight we’re going to take some time and say prayers for all the kids that have got to visit with me already, or will be visiting with me later on, and the ones that are reading about my journey online.  We’re also saying extra special prayers for the families with Angels – that when they hold me, they’ll feel all the love of their Angels right there with them.  When I arrived Kim told Pastor CJ that I was very special, because in me, I carry: Hope, Joy, Laughter, Warmth, Faith – but most of all … I was LIFE.  I hope everyone feels that way when they hold me!

May 16, 2006

This afternoon after a long trip from Canada and a wonderful visit with Kim Jurens, I arrived in Virginia Beach ~ just in time for SMArgaritaville. I am staying with the Saville family. I first meet them when I was staying with the Williams family (aka the Hockey family) in Michigan in December. I wish that I had been able to meet Morgan, but I think I am going to have a good time with her family.

May 17, 2006

We have had a pretty busy morning today. First, we went to drop Zekie off at school. Clayton had me ride in his lap (in his booster seat ~ he even made his mom make sure that my arms and head were adjusted just right, so that I could see). Today at school they were planning to celebrate Clayton’s birthday since his birthday is in the summer. So, after we dropped off Zekie, we went to Naas Bakery to pick up cupcakes. Clayton and I stood in front of the glass case where all of the cupcakes, cookies, cakes, and doughnuts are displayed staring at all the sweets. Then we were off to the doctors office for some blood work ~ on Stacy ~ thankfully! When they went to take the blood, Clayton covered his own eyes, and turned me around so that I did not have to see it. Then we took Clayton to school. Stacy explained what I was doing here in Virginia Beach, and that I was traveling around the globe visiting SMA families. Clayton’s teacher said they would be happy to have me stay with Clayton today. So, I went to four year old class ~ Mrs. Rhea gave Stacy a list of all the things we did today ~ I am tired! I hope Clayton will take a nap with me this afternoon.

May 18, 2006

For some reason, Zekie did not want to take me to school with him today ~ teenagers! And Clayton did not want to take me to Sissy and Grand Daddy’s ~ I think he was afraid that I might get preferential treatment. I stayed with Stacy while she worked on the last minute details of SMargaritaville.

May 19, 2006

Stacy and I went to get her nails and my claws done today. We meet two of the nicest people. Stacy told them all about Morgan and SMA. Zekie says someone can ask her if she knows how much milk is at the grocery store, and she can turn the conversation around to SMA within 30 seconds. We went to Sissy and Grand Daddy’s with Aunt Debbie, and collected all of the auction items to take to the oceanfront. Clayton and I fell asleep before we got there ~ I hope I get to see the Atlantic Ocean tomorrow! Tonight we watched a movie, and ate pizza.

May 20, 2006

This morning Stacy took me with her to get her hair done, and my fur styled, by Miss Carmelita. It was fun, and Sissy was there when we walked into Carmelita’s. While we were there, though, Stacy talked to Aunt Debbie, and found out that her baby doggie, Daisy had gone to Heaven. Stacy and the boys were very sad the rest of the day, and Bill was starting to feel sick. I was getting concerned, but then they went onto SMArgaritaville, and made the best of it. Stacy did not want Clayton taking me around the room (even though I wanted to go) because she was afraid he was going to lose me. So I sat at the table for SMA Support, and tried to sell Holy Bears, palm tree photo holders, and SMArgarita glasses for SMA Support. It was a fun night, and they raised about $22,000.00 for FightSMA, and $120.00 for SMA Support.

May 21, 2006

Today we just watched movies and tried to recover from SMArgaritaville. It was a nice, quiet day.

May 22, 2006

Stacy is getting ready to send me to Kansas to visit the Sykora’s. I had hoped to spend a little time with the Sawyer’s but it just did not work out this visit. I have had a lot of fun, but I am looking forward to seeing Charlie and Lily.

May 30, 2006
I finally made it!  With the Memorial Day holiday, I was stuck in my box for way too many days.  I was really hoping to make it by Saturday, but alas, no such luck so it was three more days in a box!  But Charlie and Lily made it all worth it when they opened up my box and smothered me with kisses and hugs.  Charlie made me laugh before he even got the box opened.  He was so excited by all the fun stickers on the outside of the box!  It’s already dinnertime here, so I’m getting ready to enjoy some spaghetti and meatballs with Kim, John and Lily.  Charlie is going to lay on the table with me and play while they eat.  Tonight when Charlie and Lily are in bed, I’m going to go to bible study with Kim and hang out with some adults for a while and eat those yummy brownies that Kim just made :0).  It’s so good to be out of that box!

May 31, 2006

Charlie has his nurse friend Lori here today.  It was fun watching Charlie and how much he loves Lori.  She is a great playmate and friend.  Charlie has some GI issues and it makes me so sad to watch him when he doesn’t feel well, but it’s great how fast he is happy again once he gets his burpies out.   I did get to watch Charlie get a hair cut tonight.  They tried to give me a buzz too, but I put my paw down and said ‘NO WAY’!  Charlie’s Mom and Dad had their first meeting with the school today about Charlie’s IEP.  It was fun hearing how well that they thought it went.  I stayed home with Charlie and Lori.  Charlie also had his OT Debbie come to play.  They set up a bubble machine to his switch, a vibrating pad to another switch and another fun light to yet another switch.  Charlie had so much fun turning things off and on and blowing bubbles all over the house.  I wish his Mom would have been home so we could have shared photos, but she sure did love hearing Lori tell her all about it.


June 2, 2006

I arrived to Brett’s house (in Raytown, Missouri) just in time for his big weekend. First, his mom said we had to get a good nights’ sleep. She tucked us into bed, Brett has so many friends he likes to sleep with on his bed- I felt very comfy! His ceiling looks just like we were sleeping outside- there were so many cool stars on the starry blue ceiling- it was neat! Brett decided to name me “Beary”- it is a fun name!


June 3, 2006 

We had to wake up early today to get ready for Brett’s baseball game. Brett even dressed me up in a Royals Baseball jersey so I would fit right in at his game. Brett’s mom tucked me into the bag on the back of his wheelchair so I would be sure not to miss any part of the game. I had so much fun playing ball with Brett and all of his friends.


When we got home, I got to play his new Teen Titans Playstation 2 game with Brett and his dad. That night, there was a huge bash to celebrate Brett graduating Kindergarten and I got to meet his Nana, Pap & Noni. Brett made out with all kinds of goodies from the party!



June 4, 2006 


We just took it easy and hung out around the house today, it was nice and relaxing! I hung out with Brett and Patch. I got to meet some of Brett’s friends and his moms’ friends- they had another BBQ and we played more playstation!



June 5, 2006

Brett lost a tooth first thing in the morning today! It made for a exciting day!

June 7, 2006

You will not believe how much Brett got for his tooth! $6.00- I wish I had teeth to lose! Today, one of Brett’s moms’ friends took us to the planetarium at Union Station for Brett’s graduation present. I learned so much about the planets and stars! Brett knew every answer to all the questions- he loves the planets and stars! Then we went to a cool restaurant called Fritz’s….you pick up a phone to order your food and then a train delivers it to your table….a real train! It was so cool to see Brett’s favorite restaurant! I also got to ride with Brett in his new powerchair- a Playman Robo! They finally fixed it and Brett goes very fast, I almost thought about closing my eyes!  One more thing before I leave- Brett wanted to make sure I wouldn’t forget him or Kansas City, so he had his mom give me one of his Kansas City Chiefs outfits from when he was a baby and some cool KC Chiefs socks. His mom even threw in a little Chiefs pendant and put it on my shirt! I think I look pretty neat………………….GO CHIEFS GO!!!!!!!!!!!