Age 1
NewPort Aquarium


Daddy, Austin, and I
in the jaws of a big fish

Get Austin out

It's so dark, is it bedtime already?

How cool

Some cool looking fish

I like that fish

This is fun

More fish please

No more pics...More fish

Stop, don't come see these cool ones

Froggie boy

Hanging out with the frogs

This is cool too

Watch what Austin is doing

Surrounded by fish

The water tunnel

Can we get one of these at home?

Hi everyone...Hanging out with the fish

I love fish

More and more fish

Let's stay right here

I think it is jaws and is very hungry

Watch out Austin

Look at me

Best seat in the house

Mommy has had enough pictures taken too

It says don't push it, watch out Austin

Can I have my very own penguin