Age 1
Page 7


I'm Roman!

Me and My Froggie

I need more froggies

I'm waiting

Getting taller every day

Looking so grown up

Me and my brother

Cheesy grins

Big eyes

Austin, you're squishing me

This is fun


Best Buds

Daddy & me with big grins

Hugs from Daddy

Love you bunches, Austin

Oldies but goodies

Christmas grins

Spending time with my family in Lexington

I'm liking this pool

Austin the monster


Daddy & Austin

Where did he go???

Let's swim more

Huddling up

Watch what I can do, Daddy

Kisses from Mommy

Fun times

Daddy kisses

Back float

Having fun

Daddy and Austin swimming

Big ears

Hanging with Daddy

Don't splash me Austin

Emma, me, and Nick

at the FSMA walk in Lexington

Dani and her mom, Beth